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5 Challenging Co-op Video Games For A Night In With Your Mate

When you’re at your friend’s house and movies just aren’t cutting it, what better fun than to pick up a couple controllers and spend some time playing some ultra-fun co-op video games you both can enjoy. We’ve selected the 5 best games to play with your friends.

#1 Portal 2

In a remake of this gaming classic, play as two robots, P-body and Atlas, through a super fun and challenging puzzle/strategy game. You’ll have to work together to solve puzzles using portals, all the while listening to the characters’ hilariously sarcastic commentary on your gameplay. If you’re keen to spend a few hours using your brain, Portal is right up your alley.

#2 Cuphead

Speaking of challenging, Cuphead is a non-stop shitfest of nightmarish difficulty, all the while being two-player. If one-player wasn’t difficult enough, you and your mate will need to team up and make it through a huge variety of levels. Warning: we suggest NOT throwing your controller into the screen, as much as you’ll want to. If you like the vintage look of nostalgic arcade games, Cuphead will be your new fave.

#3 Far Cry 5

As the fifth instalment of the Far Cry series, this action-adventure game is set to impress. If you’re a high graphics fan, you and your mate will be drooling over the realism. Set in Montana, you two will work alongside each other to liberate the county from a whole bunch of enemies. Awesome gameplay, beautiful graphics and co-op? What more could you want?

#4 Diablo III

If you’re an old-school gaming fan, you’ll be familiar with the Blizzard RPG classic, Diablo. Pick your class, gear up, and enjoy hours of entertainment as you and your mate dungeon crawl through a hell of a lot of foes, and a selection of super fun and challenging boss battles.

#5 Fortnite

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite by now you’re probably living under a rock. Nothing says friendly bonding like some good games of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. Jump in on duo mode and verse 100 other online players in order to knock out every single one of them. If you were wanting to build up your aim, Fortnite is the perfect place to start.

So get comfy on the nearest couch and enjoy some great quality co-op gaming.

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