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5 Classic Aussie Characters We Want Back

Memorable, often loveable but not always, for what it’s worth Aussie characters are real gems. Bogan pride brandished proudly with every ochre accent, shameless individuality and comedic timing that US fictions just can’t compete with. These superstars felt like part of the family whether we liked it or not, jumping from TV and into the lounge room. So take a moment to revere these heroes of Aussie TV, who knows it may just come true. If Russell Coight’s return to next year’s schedule is anything to go by, it just might.

#1 Russel Coight from All Aussie Adventures

All Aussie Adventures was the outback show we all loved, the dancing front man Russell Coight dusted into our hearts. An Aussie jig so iconic, it’s now doing the Russell Coight. Glad to have you back on TV Russ come 2017, thankyou Channel 10.

#2 Ketut from AAMI Ad

How a car insurance ad became a quotable hit, I’m just not sure. Perhaps it’s Rhonda, perhaps it’s the road rage we’ve all felt. Or more likely, it’s Ketut. The balinese lover of Rhonda is more iconic than the safe driver herself, another cheesy AAMI ad for slang alone would be a gift.

#3  Ja’mie from Summer Heights High

Chris Lilley’s take on rich bitch, Ja’mie is as iconic as it is true. Building on his own experience at private school, Ja’mie became an alter ego. An escape to the frivolous reality of many a teenage girl’s life, an Australian Regina George. Through three of Chris Lilley’s shows we got to know her intimately. But we miss her every once in a while, you know?

#4 Sharon from Kath and Kim

Kath, Kim and Kel graced our screens as the family trio from Fountain Lakes, wearing their personalities proudly. A spoilt brat is never complete without her patsy best friend, and for Kim that was Sharon Strzelecki. Netball playing, bowl cut sporting heroine of the comedy show. She was as brilliant as she was awfully awkward, and we loved it.

#5 Patrick from Offspring

Quite possibly the most intense character death in Australian TV history. Including all of those vivid unrealistic character killoffs Home and Away is known for. Patrick of Offspring fame, made it through season upon season with Nina before an unexpected death which left fans devastated. Sure we got flashbacks in the recent eps, but it’s just not enough.

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