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5 Cocktails Worth Sipping in Melbourne

Alternative heaven Melbourne is aplenty with delicious cocktails. Cosmo just won’t cut it here. Eclectic, colourful offerings that push the boundaries are key to satisfying the local crowd. Mixologists here are no average bartenders, whisking, shaking, tossing and infusing like they mean it. Vodka raspberry just won’t cut it and don’t expect a boozy bucket that lacks flavour – unless you’re at Rats. These 5 cocktails are a must for locals and visitors alike, go on sip away.

#1 Espresso Zabaione at Eau Die Vie

Sydney may have dibs on the espresso martini as the drink of choice, but this blows us out of the water. Cold drip coffee is poured into a glass of fluffy mousse, kahlua and vodka are then added to the mix. Pure theatre, if you’re paying $20 for a cocktail make it worth your while and indulge.

#2 Lara Bingle at Two Wrongs

So where the bloody hell are you? If you’re not at Two Wrongs then perhaps the wrong place. The cocktail offering is cheekily named but the Lara Bingle takes the cake. It boasts smurf tears as an ingredient. We’re not sure what that entails but oh my is it delicious.

#3 Potion No. 1 at Glamp Bar

This one you can actually share, a bountiful bowl of blooms and dark rum flavours. It’s bright, citrusy and looks as divine as it tastes. Bonus this bar is a real delight, tucked away and decorated in floral decor. Bring the crew and share away.

#4 Pepperberry Fizz at Bad Frankie

Inspired by the native flavours of Australia this cocktail is fragrant and delightful. Botanical gin meets egg white, pepperberry syrup and topped with a lemon wheel. Light, fresh, a perfect summer drink. And to enjoy absolute bliss take a bite of the lamington waffle while you’re at it.

#5  Grapefruit Blossom at Romeo Lane

A space that used to be a wine bar comes alive with the expert drink pouring at Romeo Lane. The grapefruit blossom is a sublime new drink that marries flavours like a celebrant of sorts. Maraschino, grapefruit, white rum and a floral note come together in a daiquiri-esque tasty tipple. Garnished with lime, it’s zesty and not the dreaded – too sweet.

Image source: Where to Tonight, Local Eyes, Melbourne Cocktails, Alfred and Constance, Weekend Notes, Urban List.

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