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5 Crazy Loaded Fries In Melbourne You’ll Want To Devour

Melbournites are a particularly hungry bunch, so it’s no shock to see menus littered with loaded fries. The meaning remains unrestrained, does a single topic warrant itself a load atop fries? Well question no more, we’re here to decode, decipher and devour every little slice of potatoey goodness. Push that halal snack pack to one side, for just a moment don’t you fret, and dig into a whole new chippy-centric meal.

Oh and in case you’re not in the mood to venture beyond your comfortable abode, all of these even deliver thanks to the pedal power of Foodora. Sunday hangover cure sorted.

#1 Kim Jong Un’s Chips, Little Oscar

For purely naming reasons alone this offering pipped the other chips at the proverbial post. Full disclosure, these loaded potatoes fried and doused in deliciousness are not Kim Jong approved and you’ll find a whole host of Korean puns littered across the menu. It’s Korean Amercian fusion in it’s finest form, caramelised kimchi, sizzling beef and cheong gochu sour cream plopped a top. It’s a masterpiece to lift your side game with each mouthful.

#2  Animal Fries, Hello Sam

Bring your A game appetite to the table if you plan on eating these to your self, seriously you’ll need to be ravenous.  They say it serves 2-3 people and you better take proper notice. Caramelised onion, oozy cheese, special McSam sauce and spring onion on top. Once you’ve rounded up mates to help you, dive on into loaded heaven.

#3 The Dom, Po Boy Quarter

Serving up fine New Orleans fare, this Fitzroy setup is a trip to the deep south with every bite. Their gumbo is great but the dom beef fries is particularly sublime. Slow cooked beef strips with the tang of pickles, Louisiana hot sauce and mustard. You’ll be waving that star-spangled banner with glee after your finish a basket of these.

#4 Cheesy Fries, Ribs & Schnitzel Co.

Sometimes simple is truly best and this particular loaded fries is just that. Crispy morsels of beer battered goodness is lathered in cheese and sprinkled with maple bacon for a little extra crunch. String it, stretch it and make sure to order their speciality Get Saucy topping on the side for a little extra zing. To the lactose intolerant individuals avert your eyes.

#5 Poutine Chips, Mr Scruffs

Canada isn’t just the land of bears and maple leaves, poutine is one tasty god send of an export. Fries are traditionally drowned in gravy, cheese curds and bacon, but here in Australia you can’t get cheese curds legally. Subbed in you’ll find Mr Scruff’s serving melting with mozzarella in the delicious mix. If Justin Trudeau were a food, it would be poutine that’s just how scrumptious it is.

Image source: Damo Force, Po’Boy Quarter, Ribs & Schnitzel Co, Gorilla Grill, Tia Fox.

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