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5 Date Ideas For The Lazy Couple

The honeymoon period is well and truly over. Long are the days when motivation triumphed pure laziness; weekends were filled with romantic seaside picnics, now you’re lucky to see past the chockie wrappers and Netflix bingers. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the motivation to plan a special night out is pretty minimal. But take it from this girl who is in the depths of a long term relationship, just because you’ve become the token lazy couple, doesn’t mean that the romance has to be dead. Say goodbye to the laptop screen and hello to some flirty date ideas that will barely require you to lift a finger.

#1 Have A Wine Tasting Night In

A romantic getaway to a luxurious villa is not only expensive but also time consuming. You have to plan it, pay for it and work out how to get there. So why not bring a taste of the Barossa to your lounge room. Pick out two great wines and get your partner to go out and do the same (wine investment is the best investment.) Polish up some glasses and taste away (extra brownie points if you YouTube legit tasting notes and methods.) It’s a great way to keep the excitement real without leaving the house and besides, who doesn’t love a good bottle of Pinot after a long Friday.

#2 Bedroom Camping

Remember when you were a kid and you used to build bedroom teepees using your dooner cover and some pillows? Recreate some childhood memories and slap together you’re very own indoor tent. Feeling peckish? UberEats to the rescue and you upgrade from indoor tent to indoor Thai restaurant. Talk about pimping up Netflix and chill.

#3 Double Date

As lame as it may sound, double dating is the perfect way for any lazy couple to get out of the house. Pick a mate who is in the early stages of their relationship and let them do the rest. Now I’m not encouraging you to abandon all support in the planning of the date, wait no that’s exactly what I’m encouraging you to do. Let your friend pick the location, time and date, so really all you and your sig other need to do is rock up and bring the banter (and maybe some handy relationship advice.)

#4 Board Games Galore

So, you’ve officially worked through all the new Netflix seasons and movies aren’t really your thing, take it old school with some classic board games. Monopoly, Scrabble, you name it (or whatever you can find hidden in your parents shelves) *Note: may require a purchasing of a board game. Once you find your game of choice play away, with the accompaniment of snacks and bevvies. Roar up each other’s competitive side and enjoy the chats along the way.

#5 Pamper Night

A romantic trip to a day spa is not only exxy in price but also exxy in energy. You have to find a place, book the place and actually make your way there (much like getting to the luxurious villa.) Turn a night in into a pamper night; I’m talking facemasks, mani/pedis or even a nice massage. Grab yourself some amazing products like Sand And Sky’s Face Masks (hello free shipping) or even sexy AF massage oil from Kama Sutra. Not only will you be left feeling great, but you get to bond and indulge, couple style.

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