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5 Best Dave Chappelle Skits To Celebrate His Netflix Return

With three comedy specials being delivered straight to Netflix on the horizon, it’s time to revisit Chapelle’s special brand of humour. Topical as can be and pushing the boundaries of political correctness with a force of laughs. If his SNL gig didn’t titilate your taste for Dave Chappelle enough, here’s his best gags to tide you over. Shazam!

#1 One Trillion Dollars

When the US government offer reparations to black people for slavery, Chappelle’s take on the hypothetical is hilarious. Recession, over, Bill Gates, no longer the richest man and gaudy jewellery sales through the roof. Oh what a world it would be.

#2 Black Bush

Before the US had Obama, there was Black Bush. Jamie Foxx makes an appearance as Black Tony Blair and together they lead their countries to war in Iraq. The victory speech is just how we imagine George Bush’s went down, behind closed doors of course.

#3 Tyrone Biggums

Tackling addiction and comedy is a fine line, but Chapelle dances across it with ease. Following addict Tyrone as he spruiks liquid drugs, talks to school kids and praises rocks to no end. It’s real, raw and beyond the boundary of mainstream humour. High pitched hilarity.

#4 Rick James – True Hollywood Story

Eddie Murphy’s brother played by the man himself meets Rick James in an altercation or two. Spawning the famous line “I’m Rick James, bitch,” this skit is all dreads and kicking stunts. Two of comedy’s greatest meet in a sketch worth remembering.

#5 Black White Supremacist 

The porch scene when we first meet Clayton Biggsby is iconic, a blind black white supremacist. Raised in the bible belt, Biggsby acts under the misinformation of white power. But when Clayton makes his way to a Klu Klux Klan meeting and unveils himself as distinctly non white, heads literally explode. Oh the irony.

Image source: Comedy Hype, NBN Chicago.

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