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5 Dead Easy Ways To Eat A Kick Ass Dinner Tonight Minus The Cooking

Honestly, love this for me.

Life’s really hard and my plans to be productive often always end up flopping into some kind of fruitless heap. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve planned to go to the gym, finish an assignment and smash a shift at work BEFORE buying groceries and cooking up a storm, I’d be, without question, rolling in it.

If you’ve got yourself in a tizzy about what’s up for tea tonight, it’s very a much a treat yo’self situation. We’ve brainstormed 5 different and diverse ways not to cook dinner. Put your feet up and relieve this week’s stress and heartache with good mthrfkn soul food minus the cook up.

#1 Bribe Your Mates

Grab your mate that loves to MasterChef. You know the one, there’s always one. Chuck a text to the friend that graduated from an engineering degree but also, somehow, knows how to cook up a Michelin Star beef wellington. Tell them you’ll take care of the cheese, crackers and vino in return for a plate of heart warming goodness.

It’s comfort, catch ups and good food without the leg work. Win, win.

#2 Uber Eats It, Obvs

This really is a no brainer and no distance is ‘too close’. Hurry home and pull on your favourite sweats because you’ll be staying in tonight. Scroll through the millions of options on Uber Eats and resort to the one you always get. Settle in for mountains of finger linkin’ good food and flick on Netflix, you’ve got this all sorted.

#3 Group Kick Ons

Try not to get too rowdy, but if you’re stuck in the office late or that assignment is keeping you in the library til all hours of the night, why not find some friends/colleagues and go to a local eatery? Not only will you not have to worry about cooking, but your mates who are equally hammering out work late are likely to be in the same mood / mindset as you.

Think dumplings, sushi, or anything Asian.

#4 Call The Rents

Recreating Mama’s masterpieces is no easy feat. Your oven requires you to have a degree in astrophysics and things just don’t, taste, the same. Call up the rents and tell them their baby’s heading home for the night, empty stomach and all. You’re guaranteed a home cooked meal, drinks on tap, and a wise old shoulder to cry on.

#5 Left Over Specials

There’s a good chance you have a handful of things left in your pantry and/or fridge from nights before. Do. Not. Underestimate. These.

Whether they’re yours, your housemates’, or they’ve been lying around there for weeks, add a few of them together and you’ll be surprised by what you can create. Some super simple, super tasty options include toasties with unlimited filler options (it’s like anything goes, remember lots of cheese). It’s gotta’ beat Vegemite on toast for the third night in a row. Get creative, my friend.

Image Source: NBC, Time Out.

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