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5 Dead Easy Cooking Alternatives For Dinner Tonight

Man life sucks sometimes. You know that feeling when you planned to go gym at lunch, finish that assignment, or smash work – then go buy groceries and cook up dinner? But you end up home late, tired beyond belief and with the motivation of a sloth on Boxing Day?

Well screw that, because you freaking deserve a break and a night to yourself. I know it’s hard enough for me to find the energy to cook without burning my apartment down, so we’ve mustered up a few alternatives to cooking dinner tonight. So sit back and soak in a summer night without the cooking stress.

#1 Bribe Your Mates

We all have those few friends who are absolute weapons in the kitchen. Like they did an engineering degree but somehow still know how to make a Michelin Star beef wellington (seriously share the talent mates.) But alas, they are your friend and super talented with food, so message them and tell them that you’ll take care of the wine, nibbles and entertainment, in exchange for them whipping up a joint meal.

It’s easier than you might think. Comfort, catch ups and food without the leg work.

#2 Get Mum’s Home Cooked Food To Your Door

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Have you ever really craved your mum’s home cooked delights, but when you roast chicken in the oven the fire brigade turn up at your doorstep within minutes? Well there is a new app doing the rounds called Dishme, which essentially has amazing home cooks make dinner for you. You can choose what speciality item you want them to cook, knowing it’s made with all the love and passion of an Italian nonna.

You can choose to pick up or get it delivered, and if you download the app you’ll get $20 to use for no cost (hello free dinner tonight.)

#3 Group Kick Ons

Try not to get too rowdy, but if you’re stuck in the office late or that assignment is keeping you in the library til all hours of the night, why not find some friends/colleagues and go to a local eatery? Not only will you not have to worry about cooking, but your mates who are equally hammering out work late are likely to be in the same mood / mindset as you.

Think dumplings, sushi, or most Asian varieties to keep it cheap and banterful, without having to get near a stove top.

#4 Call The Parents

Look let’s be real. More often than not the old pity phone call to mum or dad will work wonders. Whether you live at home or not, there’s a good chance mumma / poppa bear will look after you. If you live close, sometimes it’s worth the drive, bus or train to have dinner with the parents. Not only that, but you can guarantee a well cooked meal, drinks and a caring shoulder to deal with all of your general life problems.

Maybe even be the favourite child and order/bring some take away with you (but seriously zero judgement if you go for the pity play, we’ve all been there.) Or you could even suggest going to a restaurant, and we all know mum and dad will often try to rip the bill out of your hands (“Nooo you’re not paying… okay well, if you must.”)

#5 Left Over Specials

There’s a good chance you have a handful of things left in your pantry and/or fridge from nights before. Do. Not. Underestimate.

Whether they’re yours or even housemates or general things lying around in the fridge, add a few of them together and you’ll be surprised what you can create. Add some leftover cold meats to your salad, toss a bit of cheese and veggies in between bread for a toastie, or mix that last bit of chilli and garlic through your noodles. But seriously, it’s gotta’ beat Vegemite on toast for the third night in a row. Get creative, friend.

If you absolutely want to #treatyourself tonight, DISHME are taking care of you with a cheeky free $20 to spend on any home delivered meal/s just for signing up! All you gotta’ do is use the code TRYDISHME once you’ve logged in and you’ll be feasting on some of the best home cooking around. Who needs mum’s roast chicken?

Image Source: NBC, Time Out

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