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5 Diversity-Embracing TV Shows You Can Stream

TV really isn’t what is used to be, but thanks to streaming services we can switch off and watch whatever we please. Gone are the days of forced couch time enduring hours of white characters dealing with delightfully vanilla storylines. Diversity has arrived and it’s streaming directly to your device of choice.

If the #OscarsSoWhite then the Emmy’s were a rainbow, TV is where it’s at for stories of colour. Need something to binge on that offers a little more substance? Here’s five options for you to choose from; of diverse shows that manage to hand the mic back to minorities.

#1 Master of None on Netflix

Aziz Ansari manages to weave the struggles of immigrants, modern day troubles all with humour in his original series. His tone offers a moral to every conflict and leaves you pondering larger questions. Written by Ansari and Alan Yang, when accepted their Emmy demanded more asian representation on screen and rightly so. Ps. his parents in the show are his actual parents and they are adorable. While there’s an undertone of Dev, Aziz’s character dealing with racism in everyday life and there’s also a lot of love for pasta.

#2 Empire on Presto

Empire takes on hip hop culture, homophobia and racism in this jampacked music biz drama. Starring two academy award winners and an almost entirely African-American cast, Empire offers a family drama beyond the white picket fence. Set to an original soundtrack curated by Timbaland this diverse offering is now in it’s third season. So if you love Nashville you’ll be hooked.

#3 Mr Robot on Presto

Mr Robot takes on the complex story of a computer tech by day, vigilante hacker by night. The lead character Elliot is played by an Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek, with the show set in New York the cast is equally diverse. Most noteworthy, they even show women working in the computer industry, groundbreaking stuff. Seriously addictive, like a melding of the Matrix and Snowden. Plus Christian Slater stars.

#4 Jane The Virgin on Netflix

Bringing a latino women to the forefront of a tv show hasn’t happened since Ugly Betty, and the title in itself was problematic. Jane The Virgin uses telanovela storylines – that’s a latin soap opera – to bring the at times ridiculous show to life. Jane The Virgin deals with religion, abortion, interracial relationships all under the guise of laudy stories. Rather the premise of the show is spelled out in the title. The cast is diverse and the representation of latin culture authentic, a real winner.

#5 Transparent on Stan

An unapologetic look into the experience of a trans woman once her family finds out that Dad doesn’t identify with the masculine. The show manages to traverse a difficult issue and deal with the struggles facing the LGBTQI community with honesty. Think Caitlyn Jenner without the Kardashian’s, Transparent is an open-hearted look into identity. And it’s Emmy winning, totally heart warming and a great exploration for those who can’t wrap their head around gender identity.

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