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5 Dodgy Ways Of Rejecting People We’ve Def All Done

Oh, I’m just SO busy.

Rejecting people politely and clearly is an art form which I have not mastered. So instead, I stealth-reject. It’s just as effective, with none of the hassle and the “WELL I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY” bullshit that so many poor women (and men) have to deal with. So, here’s my top 5 ways of doing a dodgy rejection that I guarantee most people have used.

#1 Oh, I’m Just So Busy!

Don’t you just love having a full AF calendar that you can immediately shove in the face of anyone who tries to take up your time when you don’t want them to? Same. We’ve all been in a place where we can feel them about to ask us out, and we just ramble on about whatever errands and shifts we have coming up in the hopes of sounded like we just never, ever have the time for anything. Because rejecting people is hard and we’re too awkward for that.

#2 I’ll Let You Know

This one is my personal fave. See, the trick is to ask them when they’re free first, before they have a chance. That way, not only do you avoid sounding mean or like you don’t care, you also place the burden of creating a plan onto yourself. Then, you just don’t do it! It’s that easy folks.

#3 Oh Cool, Can I Bring My Boyfriend?

This one is the all time classic. It also comes in variations such as asking guys to pretend to date you in front of the person you’re avoiding. BAM. Instant deterrant, without you being an asshole. Plus, you can pretend innocence like you never even noticed the person hitting on you, and then quietly slide outta there. Maybe it’s one of the more obvious ways to deter someone, but it’s also pretty foolproof and reliable.

#4 Oh Sorry, I Just Didn’t See Your Message/Follow Request

Pretending you didn’t see someone’s message or social media request is ballsy, because it can easily backfire if you get called out. It’s not too stealth because if you’re online on Messenger and posting on Facebook, it’s pretty obvious you’re ignoring someone. But, it does get the point across without you formally rejecting anyone, so hey still effective I guess? I’m just going to go ahead and admit I’m guilty of this one. I’m sorry!

#5 What Do You Think Of This Cute Person That I’m Into?

If you do this, you’re a savage. Knowingly showing someone pics of a hot person that you’re into so you can stealthily reject them is next level business. But also, I respect it because we’re all terrible and awkward people who just want to be left alone. Just like, don’t pick someone they’re friends with. That’s a big ouch.

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