5 Easy And Effortless Ways To Set The Mood

Whether you’ve been seeing someone for two years or two months, we all get to that point in our relationships where we want to take things to the next level; sex.

While sex is one of the best things ever, it isn’t just boom, bang, done. If you really want to make it a good time you’re going to want to set the mood, which literally nobody tells you how to do, until now.

Without further ado, here is how to set the mood for that perfect transition into sexy time.

Candles And Fairy Lights

Nothing creates a romantic vibe better than a bit of mood lighting. This can be easily achieved with an assortment of candles (bonus points for scented candles!) or fairy lights. If you’re a bit extra, why not try both. Not only does mood lighting make everything sexier, it also makes fumbling around a little less likely since you’ll actually be able to see what or who you’re doing.

The Perfect Playlist

This is probably the best thing you can do for you and your partner, especially if the relationship is new. Having a bit of background music tends to make things a little less awkward and can be a great way to find your rhythm with another person.

If you don’t have time to make a playlist but still want the bonus points for making one, check out this playlist. Spotify premium might also be a good call if you don’t want the vibe ruined by ads.

A Tidy Room And Fresh Linen

If you’re a neat-freak like me, then I’m sure you’ll understand how crucial it is to have a clean room and clean sheets when you’re getting ready to do the deed.

Just a little bit of extra work sends the message that you care enough about your partner to be attentive to them. This counts for so much in the context of sex which is all about vulnerability and even love if you’re lucky. In my experience, making any extra effort no matter how small always goes a long way wherever sex is involved.

An Outfit To Impress

It’s always important to feel comfortable in front of your partner, whether it’s in trackies or no make-up. That being said; it’s nice to jazz things up a bit if you’re going to get intimate.

Personal hygiene is especially important with any sex-related activity. Make sure you’re clean, smell nice and wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Do everything I just said in conjunction with the other steps, and your clothes will end up crumpled on the floor in no time.

Peace And Quiet

Unless you’re a thrill seeker, I would advise waiting for a free house if you want to get it on. Again, from experience, literally nothing is more awkward than being caught in the act. I’m still scarred to this day and so is the person who walked in.

On that note! There you have it, five easy and effortless ways to spice up that sex life.

Get to it lovers.

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