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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

We’ve all heard the stats about plastic wastage each year and the damaging effects it has on the environment. And this July finally gives us the opportunity to actively make an impact in reducing those stats. We might already be a week into the month, but it’s not too late to start #PlasticFreeJuly. And in order to get the ball rolling, here are a few easy ways to help you do your part and reduce your plastic footprint.

#1 Saying ‘No’

The easiest way to reduce how much plastic you’re using and throwing away is not to accept it in the first place. Things like straws and plastic bags are mostly just thrown in without a question. Next time take a moment to think if you really need that straw in your cocktail.

#2 BYO

This little hint is something you can do when you’re eating on the go. Bringing your own cutlery or containers may seem a little strange at first but the impact in the long term is huge. Bringing your own takeaway coffee cups is the easiest place to start. Cafes often sell them, or you can search online for companies like KeepCup or Frank Green. Not only are you saving yet another takeaway cup from ending up in landfill, but your coffee taste better in a glass. Another benefit? A lot of places offer discounts if you BYO. Winning. Even easier than bringing your own cutlery, cup or containers? Bring your own water bottle & reusable bag everywhere you go.

#3 Swap It

Many companies are cottoning on to how they can help by producing non-plastic alternatives. How about trying out a shampoo bar or conditioner bar instead of plastic bottles? Or the next time you need a new toothbrush, pick up a biodegradable bamboo one. They’re the same price as a plastic toothbrush which won’t ever break down.

#4 Pick It Up

This little tip is not so much about the plastic you’re using, but that which you see around you. Plastic rubbish is everywhere, and unfortunately it’s often found in nature. Next time you’re at the beach, park or just outside, pick up a few pieces of rubbish and stop them from ending up in our ocean.

#5 Be Mindful

Next time you need to buy some groceries, consider visiting the local farmers markets or a bulk food store. Not only are you supporting the little guys, but their produce is often much fresher, hasn’t travelled as far, and is usually around the same price. Bringing your own basket, bottles, jar, boxes or containers to these places save any plastic wastage and you can feel good knowing you’ve done your part. If these places aren’t accessible to you then consider not purchasing the supermarket veggies or fruit that is pre-packaged, and avoid packing your produce in disposable plastic bags.

Image Source: KeepCup

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