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5 Epic Halloween Costumes You Need To Be Seen Wearing

With just one-week left until Halloween festivities begin, its just about time to get costume planning (if you haven’t started already). There are dress up events happening left, right and centre, so you wanna be caught wearing something so striking that you’re sure not to be forgotten. Stumped for ideas on how to stand out? We have found a little inspo to get you started.

#1 Getting Deported By Trump

If politics is your thing and you’re up to translating that into your Halloween costume this year, well, we have found the perfect thing for you. Normally, I won’t post much about Trump, but this surely has to be an exception. Despite living across the other side of the world from the US, your outfit is sure to turn plenty of heads and encourage a lot of laughter.

#2 The Demogorgan

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The release of the new Stranger Things season means Halloween costume inspo for days. You may not be up for a challenging costume such as this, an opening face with layers upon layers of garish teeth. Bodysuit definitely required. A little extra effort goes a long way here, you’ll be frightening your neighbours and every party attendee in no time.

#3 Rick From Rick And Morty

The crazy drunk Grandpa who is always up for an adventure, wearing this costume to your Halloween shindig will surely make you the life of the party. Borrow your science mates uni labcoat and track down a blue wig and you’re pretty much set.

#4 Wayne And Garth

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In honour of Wayne’s World’s 25th anniversay, why not whip out your stone washed ripped denim jeans, a couple of wigs and a flanno, to pull together an easy yet distinct Halloween look. The only thing you’ll need is an iconic Wayne’s World hat (which you can buy online). Perfect for those who are a little time short.

#5 Pennywise The Clown

The release of Stephen King’s It (in move form) sure reated a buzz this year. So it’s an aboslute no brainer that heading to your Halloween Party in an original Pennywise costume will surely scare all your mates upon arrival. No costume has ever been so perfect fort his time of year.

Have plenty of crazy costume ideas, but have no clue where to wear them to? Mantra Collective are throwing a raging Halloween boat party on the 28th October, with an allstar lineup and stellar Sydney harbour views. Dressing up is strongly encouraged, so grab your tix before it’s too late. 

Image Sources: Reddit, Pintrest, Mashable.

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