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5 Expat Options Other Than The USA

In light of recent monstrosities events, living the American dream isn’t all that achievable. Whether you hold one of the banned passports or not, the process to obtain a green card is about to become even more difficult. So why not pin your stateside hopes on a fairer, freer, less discriminatory atmosphere abroad? For the mean time at least. Ensure your expat experience is one to remember for the right reasons.

#1 Canada

Their stance on immigration bans is in stark contrast to ahem southern neighbours, that’s not where the differences end. With an effective, progressive government, advanced economy and idyllic environment, Canada is a bit of a no-brainer. The exchange rate to Aussie dollars is all but equal and the locals are famous for their kindness. Niceties aside, if it’s city living, insanely delicious food and laid-back culture, you may as well book your flight already. Toronto and Montreal are superb but also think about the regions Alberta and British Colombia in your move. It’ll be crisp, but you’ll have mountains of poutine to warm you up as required.

#2 Singapore

There’s enough bankers and lawyers positioned in Singapore for it to feel akin to working on Wall St. It’s much hotter than New York of course, enduring one long summer season year round, with variations in rain the only fluctuation. Singapore is an expats paradise, it’s well serviced, cultural and full of likeminded expats. It’s expensive and difficult to find a job once you’ve arrived so be sure to work out at least an interim employment situation before setting off. But imagine the after work drinks at Marina Bay Sands, make your dreams a reality and set off.

#3 Costa Rica

Why not swap your move to sunny USA  for something even more tropical? Costa Ricans value work life balance so highly, they have a name for it. The ‘Tico’ lifestyle is all about harmony, working in such a manner that you won’t be dreading work one bit. So conscience are they in convincing Americans to move down south they have a website, They rank number one in the world for happiness too, so it’s a much better option than it’s star spangled neighbour for long term living. With a blossoming tourism industry and influx of Americans, there’s just the right demand for English speakers in paradise.

#4 Germany

With an incredibly low youth unemployment rate, a move to Germany could just be the best career move for you. There’s no speed limit on many highways, the culture palpable and the landscape diverse. Perhaps what you desired most of a move to America was a healthy dose of brash, unapologetic mannerisms? Well, Germany do it a little better. Germans are known to be wondrously upfront with the best of intentions. There’s no small talk only talk of big ideas. And they treat their workers much fairer than American bosses, so you’ll be working 9-5 with pleasure.

#5 Ireland

Low corporate taxes make Ireland a career haven for prospective expats. With a plethora of European HQ’s in Ireland, you’ll have the opportunity to take up a position at Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple just to name a few. It’s Silicon Valley with a different accent and a bigger appreciation for Guinness. You may want to move there for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations alone, which make the 4th of July extravaganzas pale in comparison. Much, much more than leprechauns and potatoes.

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