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5 Fab Hospo Jobs You Can Actually Make A Living From

We know there’s a stigma around hospitality jobs, that they’re often considered unskilled and unlikely to provide a career. Heck, even hospo courses in school aren’t counted towards an ATAR (what a laugh). So we’re here to end the BS once and for all.

We’ve teamed up with BENCHMARQUE to bring you a handful of jobs that are interesting, exciting and most definitely skilled. And no, they won’t (always) drive you up the wall.

#1 Hotel Management

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was not only sweet for those troublesome twins. Let’s face it, Mr Moseby had one awesome job. While you may not become the primary carer for the hotel owner’s daughter, you’ll be faced with other extremely important tasks in this role. From managing financials to planning food catering, hotel management staff have no day at work the same.

Courses in Hotel Management range from diplomas to masters and are offered at numerous colleges and universities around Australia. Landing a role in a prestigious hotel may also see six figure salaries in your future, and it may also lead to opportunities in the bars and restaurants or vice versa. Sweeeeet.

#2 Sommelier

You’ll need to know the difference between your whites and reds for this one. Spending your days immersed in wine and knowing how it accompanies different dishes sounds great, really. You’ll be keepin’ it classy, chatting with keen restaurant goers who will want to know about the value of the wine, meaning, you’ve got to excel in people skills. Most work their way up in this role, and you can get started with courses at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. A hospo career where you constantly dabble in different drops? Don’t mind if I do.


#3 Executive Chef

Have a food dream? You don’t need to rub shoulders with Matt, Gary and George on the next season of MasterChef to make these said dreams a reality. I mean you could, and that’d be amazing. But in the case that TV isn’t for you, going to TAFE to attain a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery could be a great place to kick-start this potential food affair. It’s a great little qualification to back up a part-time job as a cook in a local restaurant or in a food chain, before working your way up to the heights of an Executive Chef.

#4 Barista (Stay With Us Here..)

Now you fairly might be thinking we are joking here, but we really ain’t. While the early stages of being a barista might take some hard yards of dedication, the end results are endless. When you think about it, cafes are arguably the most represented form of small business in Australia – with so many unique and small venues operational around Oz. Yeah you’ll learn how to make a damn good skim flat white, but you’ll likely also learn some basic kitchen/food skills, get an insight into the business side and how staff are managed – quite closely as well. It’s a gateway to running a business, really.

#5 Event Planner

Imagine being able to call yourself the ‘hostess with the mostest’ when people ask you about your job. Or, the ‘host with the most’ even. Okay, you probably won’t really call yourself either, let’s keep it legit. But as an event planner, you most certainly can! Events range from parties, to gigs, to weddings, and running them is backed up by so many basic and learned skills. Universities and TAFE can help you build your career in this area with courses such as a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Event Management. Put your party throwing passion to good use, friends.

Are you looking to make a career in the hospitality industry? Maybe you just want to give it a try, and get paid doing so? Well either way, if you’re looking to up you skillz, or maybe even try this whole career thing you’ve heard so much about, the lovely folks at BENCHMARQUE are here to help ‘ya out. Simply fill out the form below or click here to start getting all of the hospitality job opps! You’ll be on your way to a sparkly career in no time.

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