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5 Fab Weekend Things To Do That Don’t Need Booze

It’s a good feeling when you get over hump day and realise it’s nearly that delicious time of the week, we wish never finished – the weekend. Booze is often flowing, banter at all time highs and plenty of good times are had.

But can the social-ness still exist without the alcohol? For many of us, catch up drinks are just standard protocol for the end of the week. But behold your collective gasps, you can still be social af without alcohol giving you hangovers for days.

So we’ve teamed up with headspace to bring you five cheeky things you can do this weekend without getting neck deep in booze. (And make sure you check out our headspace Hub for a tonne of extra reads and vids).

#1 Cooking Up A Storm

Whether it’s you and your partner, a group of friends at your apartment, or even for the family, cooking up a feast is always a brilliant time with minimal effort. Not only will you get that natural blend of bonding and sizzling eats, but it’s the perfect grounds for a bit of banter. Spread the meal across a few different courses and let everyone try their hand at prepping or cooking themselves. It’s the perfect date night, and if you host mates at your place, it’s a fab time to do a bit of culinary showing off.

What’s best is that doing a grocery store shop for all of the ingredients will probably result in a significantly cheaper night than any drink up at the bar.

#2 Cozy Drive Ins

They’re a bit more of a rare entity these days, with the sheer volume of normal cinemas and boutique venues open around the country. But there are a few sneaky locations across Oz that will transport you (and your +1 or mates) to circa 1950s. Most drive ins these days are ridiculously cheap, with regular tickets in the $10 price range, or sometimes per car where you can save big $$. Swing past a grocery store on the way and fill the car with all of the snacks, because the daylight robbery that is $18 popcorn continues to somehow exist in cinemas.

Indulge in a few of your childhood faves (choccy milk, Starburst chews anyone?) And round up a bit of a crew. Maybe even tee up a quick dinner before hand to really make a night out of it.

#3 Escape Room

These things are pretty wild, and amidst peak Survivor season, a perfect little piece of mischief for a group of mates. If you have never been or think we’re not being legit, basically you head to a venue where you get put into a ‘real life’ conundrum situation of sorts, and then you and your mates have to solve puzzles and complete tasks to get out of the room etc.

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They usually only got for an hour or two, and there are actually heaps of locations around the country that you probably aren’t aware of. Just buyer beware, probably go with your best and most tolerable mates, because it could get tense and competitive real quick.

#4 Road Trip For Days

Sometimes nothing is an easier and less-effort-required solution than a cruisey drive. Whether it’s to a known destination, or you just figure it out as you go, it’s a win-win. Heading into summer, it’s an easy fix for chill and fun vibes without the hangover. Do a shop early on so the car is full of goodies, make sure you’ve sorted your playlist (check out our 5Why Mixtape for a tonne of new bangerz), and always check the weather – no one likes a road trip where the windows are up all the time.

Ps hot tip, allocate someone to take some photos during the trip. We often go on so many of these adventures but don’t have any memories. You/they don’t have to go snap crazy and upload everything to Insta, just some little candids here and there to remember the day. You’ll thank me later dw.

#5 Get Your Hike On

Maybe the alcohol-fuelled mischief has already happened, and a hike is a perfect way to get the body feeling half normal again. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m bloody crazy for suggesting a hike after a boozy Saturday night on the town, but the subtly exercise and mountains of fresh air (no pun) will do you a world of good. Hikes are just great times in general to catch up with buds too, maybe even organise a little camping weekend to really get amongst the elements.

A little bit of zen to help you cleanse the body, mind and soul. Your body (and mainly your liver) will thank you.

A lot of us love the odd drop of red or beer, but sometimes it might start taking it’s toll. So if you’re looking to slow down on the booze, stop drinking for a while or if you’re already alcohol-free, check out these tips on how to create a positive headspace and start cutting back. You’ll be surprised how good Sunday brunches are without the lingering hangover.

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