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5 Fitness Products For Home If You Hate Exercising In Public

Exercising is vital, not only for your physical health, but mental health also. Despite the importance, our hate for exercising in public often trumps the vitality of a healthy dose of movement. Gyms are pretty much made for convenience, open in whatever weather, all the essential equipment etc.

But you also get the gym-bros, people who don’t wipe down (if you are one of these people, take a good hard look at yourself), and of course the slow walkers on treadmills when you’re trying to take a run. Luckily there’s a way to keep yourself physically fit and mentally healthy without having to look another human in the eye. In fact, with these cheeky products you won’t even have to leave the house.

Rowing Machine

If you want to go hard core without even trying, this is the machine to buy for home. Doing a solid 20-minute session three days a week may even see that V that everyone seems to be obsessed with, gracing your lower abdomen. The rowing machine helps you exercise your arms and legs (obviously), it also tones your stomach and, by extension, strengthens your back. Perfect if you’re a sloucher and have no strength to #lift anything without injuring yourself.

You can get one of these for less that $200 too, on Kogan.


These things are pretty cool, and once you get into the groove of the machine it can be fun, too. Sure, you may look funny, bobbing from side to side, but no one is around to see that hilarity, remember? This product works on your legs and core muscles, and can come in different sizes. So, no matter the width of the room you want to set up the elliptical in, there are a range that will be sure to fit.

No splurge needed, you can score an elliptical on OzSale for just over $150.

Punching Bag

Punching and boxing are known to increase core stability, overall coordination and aerobic fitness (whatever that is.) These bad boys are also great if you have tension after a frustrating day at work, or just need to let out some of those bad vibes. You won’t have people giving ‘ya weird eyes you if you’ve had a bad day, nor will you have to worry if you’re new at this and can’t really hit that hard (we’ve all been there, I’m still there tbh.) These products can be purchased in the form of hanging or free standing. But be sure to watch a few YouTube tutorials before you get started (safety first, friends.)

You can grab a solid pair of Everlast boxing gloves and a punching bag for $150 at Rebel.

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Exercise Bike

If the most convenient exercise product had to be labelled, it would have to be the trusty exercise bike. These things are nice and slim, which essentially means it’s able to slot nicely into the unused corner of your living room. Perfect for ample viewing of MKR, MAFS or when the Bachie eventually returns. There’s no judgement at your place. So go on, turn on the trashiest reality TV you can find and commend yourself on how smart you are for exercising at home.

K-Mart will sort you out for $89, bloody bargain.

Bits And Bobs

If you’re wanting a smaller selection of fitness bits and bobs, weights, balance trainers and tension bands could be ideal. Weights, of course, are self-explanatory. There are a range of exercises you can perform in conjunction with using the weights or dumbbells that’ll utilise a range of muscles, like lunges or squats.

Essentially, a balance trainer is a gym balls that’s been sliced in half, leaving you to exercise on top of it. It sounds a bit out there, but balancing while you’re lunging on it adds a bit of challenge. Resistance bands are super simple to use, with the different colours indicating the range of intensities. You can use them to exercise your arms, legs and core, and have next to no risk of injuring yourself due to there being no weight to them (winning.)

Exercising at home can often ease the pressure of public gyms, and if the comfort of your own place works for you, it’s a no-brainer. But sometimes it can be hard to get motivated at all to exercise. So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, chat to a mate about it, or check out headspace’s fitness fact sheet for a tonne of tips. Sometimes all you need is a bit of a helping hand to get back on track!

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