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5 Food Trends in 2017 You’ll Be Eating Real Soon

Whether you’re a foodie at heart or just an Insta snap happy eater, food matters. Sustenance? Pfft, that’s basic. We’re talking the all consuming warm feeling you get when hanger subsides mouthful by mouthful. Or perhaps it’s the urge to salivate wildly at the sight of the #foodporn hashtag. No matter you’re affliction, food trends will be filling your cafe menus and dotting your feeds in no time at all. Here’s what to look out for this year and taste for yourself.

#1 Cauliflower – The New Kale

If you’re over the leafy green fear not, there’s a new vegetable in town. Once relegated as the sidekick to broccoli, it’s set to become a menu staple as an alternative grain or hero dish on it’s own. It’s been touted as an up and comer for a year or two now but this year is the year it will be embraced. Roasted, fried, styled as steak, crumbled into rice or flattened as a pizza base. Expect to see it all and then some. Perhaps it’s because of it’s texture, mild taste or versatility, whatever it is expect to be eating a whole lot more this year.

#2 Poke

A Japanese Hawaiian fusion? We’re on board all ready. The tossed mix of healthy ingredients has finally invaded this fine nation, with a sprawl of poke bars popping up around the country. That’s poh-keh by the way. Freshly cubed seafood meets a whole host of similarly shaped vegetables, the result? A summer staple on the rise.

#3 Buddha Bowls

An instagrammer’s best friend, the buddha bowl is as easy on the eye as it is nourishing. Also known as hippie bowls or macro bowls, the trending eat is just that. Built from the ground up you start with a wholesome grain, usually buckwheat or quinoa then load up on cooked and raw veggies en masse. Add your protein of choice either lean meat or tofu then drizzle away with something ludicrously healthy.The recipe for new year new you success? Buddha bowls non stop.

#4 Fermented Everything

Pickled, cured, aged, brewed, rotting with intention, fermentation is about to become the DIY pursuit du jour. We’ve been devouring sauerkraut and kimchi, while downing kombucha to no end in recent years and with gut health becoming ever more important you can bet people will be pursuing the benefits to diligently. With little trouble you can brew you own kombucha, build your favourite condiments, concoct fresh yoghurt or crème fraîche with little utensils. With a little patience you’ll be overflowing with ingredients, made fresh.

#5 Authentic Ethnic Cuisine

At the hand of adventurous travellers now more than ever we can taste the world from the comfort of home. Discerning diners are turning away from chains and overarching cuisines in favour of regional fare. A taste for far reaching delicacies will bubble to the surface too, African, Syrian and a whole host of new delights will be hot tickets. A celebration of culture you can taste, why not try whipping it up for yourself? CookForSyria a charity initiative cookbook has collated a host of traditional and inspired Syrian recipes. A delicious way to help.

Image source: The Food Network, Serious Eats, Cook For Syria, Microbial Foods, Timeout. 

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