5 Food Trucks To Seek Out In Melbourne

Maybe it’s our childhood pursuit of the ice cream man or an insatiable desire for delicious delivery options, but the food truck craze is all but over. So grab your map, the app will suffice, and venture in to the wild world of food. You’ll feel like a real hunter gatherer type finding food trucks, not really but you definitely will have worked up an appetite. Plus if Melbourne’s weather ever makes it’s mind up for a period of longer than 15 mins (look, not bloody likely), it may just be a nice day to eat outdoors.

#1 Boeri Bros

Spicy South African beef sausages boerewors are the centrepiece of this food truck, and boy do they deliver. Traditionally cooked over hot coals then served up with slaw, crisps and a peachy sauce. You can try to boerewors authentically, they won’t correct you but know there’s an 80% chance you’re saying it wrong. Catch them around Frankston, Caulfield Park and Moorabbin over the next few weekends to taste the divine dog for yourself.

#2 The Jaffle Truck

The little bread package is far from your sad desk lunch, no baked beans in sight.  Savoury or sweet the jaffles on offer will blow your mind. Start with a fig and prosciutto triangular bite then finish with a french toast, sugar dusted marvel. Toastie lovers rejoice.

#3 Round The Way

If you tasted the real American deal most bagels will pale in comparison, but Round The Way have nailed this carb of choice. Your filling options are almost endless, a beef burger, pork belly filling, brisket, pastrami, you’ll just have to wait and see what’s on offer. Seal the deal with a side of potato gems, pure bliss.

#4 Bibimbap

A delicious bowl filled with Korean delights to your liking, from meat to zingy sauce. No need to feel even a little guilty about this one, Bibimbap pride themselves on making healthy food accessible. A meal will set you back $14 but be prepared to be nourished and full. The bulgogi beef is particularly superb.

#5 The Brûlée Cart 

Brûlée is no longer the offering of restaurants or poor supermarket copies, The Brûlée Cart are bringing the torched favourite to you. Crack open the hard exterior and you’ll find yourself in a  place of sugary delight. Chase them down if need be and head early if you don’t want too much of a wait. Or better yet enjoy dessert first.

If you’re not too interested in the chase and want all your food truck options in one place head to Food Truck Park in Preston of a Thursday-Sunday evening.


Image source: Urban Diya, Boeri Bros, Zomato, Ritual Cult, Where The Truck At, The Jaffle Truck, Yo India.

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