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5 Fun Ways To Get Fit Before Summer Hits

Well, it took its sweet time, but summer finally feels like it’s on its way. Which is great…until you remember the panic that usually comes with swapping generous outerwear and chunky knits for the Aussie warm weather staples of swimmers and shorts. But before you start dragging your unenthusiastic butt back into a regular boring gym routine, consider the alternatives – exercise with a side of fun.

No Lights No Lycra

Love ripping up the dance floor, but aren’t so keen on the self-consciousness that comes from having other people eyeballing you while you do so? The solution lies at No Lights No Lycra. A free-form dance class held in a dimly-lit room, so you can let loose without worrying one iota what you look like. The concept was born in Melbourne but has taken the world by storm, now offering weekly classes across the country. Each features a banging soundtrack to get you sweating up a storm and will leave you feeling fit and fighting. The best part? Classes are less than $10.

Disco Spin Class

At some spin classes, it’s tough to concentrate on much more than how much your butt is on fire. At a disco spin class, you won’t be noticing any painful body parts because you’ll be too busy grooving to party jams. At these classes, the vibe is more ‘nightclub’ than ‘gym sesh’, thanks to the soundtrack of disco tunes and the festival-like light displays. You’ll be feeling fit and enjoy the kind of sweat session usually associated with a big night on the dance floor, all in the saddle of a bike.

Bey-Themed Dance Class

While learning dance moves from the real Beyonce is a pretty unlikely scenario, you CAN sign yourself up for a Queen B-inspired dance class. Get fit with booty-poppin’ like the lady herself. Bey Dance offers a variety of dance classes that are grounded in body positivity and inspired by that signature Beyonce fabulousness. Learn the choreography to some of your favourite Beyonce dances, with a bit of yoga, tap and Bollywood thrown in for good measure.

Rock Climbing

Want some guns, but aren’t so keen on pumping iron? Round up the crew for some vertical fun, in the form of a sweaty ol’ rock climbing session. There are a swag of indoor rock climbing centres across Australia, offering activities and challenges for every skill level. Throw yourself into the pursuit of the summit and you’ll quickly feel the rest of the world melt away. Plus, there’s nothing like a carabiner and piece of nylon rope to quickly quell your fear of heights.

Hip Hop Yoga

Yoga is a great way to get fit and improve flexibility. But if your yoga practice needs a bit of a pep up, consider throwing some hip hop into the mix. A relatively fresh concept here in Australia, hip hop yoga fuses traditional yoga moves, like downward dog and cobra, with beats that’ll really get your body moving. Open up those joints and sink deep into your poses, with a little help from Jay Z, Drake and Biggie Smalls. There are a variety of class styles and soundtracks to choose from, depending on how fluid you like your yoga.

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