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5 Gadgets and Apps You’ll Be Playing With ASAP

Updates galore and some new favourites, the tech world is moving forward at lightning pace. If you have a task, there’s an app for that. Or if you need to let loose there’s an app for that too. Take a look at 5 new gadgets and apps that you’ll be addicted to in no time.

#1 Pokemon Go Plus

Sure they’re no longer on top of that app store pedestal but Pokemon Go is still as engaging as ever. Stopped playing in an effort to save battery? Problem solved. The new Pokemon Go Plus is an external watch that let’s you play a little more covertly, rather than wildly swiping away. It’s colour coded by what you encounter blue for a Pokestop, green for a previously encountered Pokemon and yellow for a new Pokemon. You press the button and it will attempt to catch the Pokemon or spin the Pokestop. If you’re successful expect a colourful rainbow display of light. It even acts as a step tracker for eggs that are hatching, like a Poke-Fitbit. 

#2 GoPro Karma

Take your videos and photography to new heights with the newly announced GoPro Karma, our favourite handheld brand’s drone offering. Pop your GoPro inside and let the see the world on your behalf. Unlike most other drones you don’t need a smartphone to operate it, it comes with a handheld touchscreen controller. A built in stabiliser and a variety of flight modes lets you stress less and focus on capturing stunning images rather than avoiding tree branches. Best bit is you can take the drone apart, pop the GoPro on a stabiliser or any other accessory and off you go. Your travel videos are about to get a little bit more impressive. Go go gadget drone at your service.

#3 Google Trips App

Wandering the streets of a foreign city is worth every penny, but if you were able to eliminate the getting lost part – game changer. Google Trips is an offline companion ready to join you in discovering the best there is to offer wherever you are. Pooling all your reservation info from flights to accommodation and logging it on a trip card with a tonne of recommendations attached. Maps, day plans and attractions all without the hassle of hunting down wifi. Downloading now.

#4 Your Very Own Transformer

Sure this isn’t for everyday consumption, but wow is it cool. Turkish engineers have turned a BMW into an Autobot all of your own. Bringing your favourite engineered heroes to life, and it drives too. Expect to see a billionaire or two rolling around in these soon. Gadgets like this make life worth living you know.

#5 Potterize

Want to bring that Potter magic into everyday life? Well short of an owl delivered invitation to the world of wizardry this is as close as you can get probably get. The app lets you turn the mundane into a magic newspaper bulletin with gif built in. Proclaim yourself head of the Ministry of Magic or just cover your daily muggle encounters. Whatever you please.

Image source: Nintentdo, Pocket Lint, Updato, Mashable, Letrons.
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