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5 Genuinely Scary Horror Films To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

Halloween: arguably one of the better holidays during the year. There’s nothing quite like getting yourself into a spooky mood before it comes around and what better way to do that than with some scarily good horror. So, sit back and relax, grab a friend to hide behind and enjoy some of the best horror films out.

#1 Sinister

If you’re a sucker for major atmospheric scare, Sinister is the go. A true-crime writer and his family move into a home where the murder of a family who lived there before took place. On finding a series of snuff films, his goal is to solve the crime, however the vintage films give hint to something a little more supernatural.  Featuring one of the most horrifying soundtracks ever, Sinister will have your skin crawling from the get-go.

#2 Oculus

Oculus is a modern take on a classic ‘haunted house’ film that’ll have you questioning reality by the end of it. After being constantly haunted by the violent death of their parents, brother and sister, Kaylie and Tim look into what they think may be causing generations of murders including their parents – an antique mirror. Oculus is a total nail-biter.

#3 It Follows

Deceivingly scary and a completely original concept, It Follows feels like an 80s-throwback film with a modern level of scare. After a teen girl, Jay, sleeps with her new boyfriend, she realises she has just become the recipient of a curse passed through sexual intercourse. While the synopsis might sound like a laugh, It Follows will have you feeling genuine dread by the time it ends.

#4 Hereditary

This new-ish artsy horror is less jumpy and more eeeek. Aussie Toni Colette does a killer performance as a mother of two. When her mother, the family matriarch passes, there’s some unwilling inheritance. Follow the family uncover their ancestry in order to work out what they really inherited. Eerie atmosphere and cinematography will have your body infested with goosebumps before you even hear the first tongue click. Just watch it, you’ll get what I mean.

#5 Get Out

Whilst Get Out is a psychological thriller rather than a horror, it still has enough psychological scare to get you squealing. Director Jordan Peele turns real-life issue, racial alienation, into the craziest, jam-packed hour and 40 minutes of pure thriller goodness.  With a killer cast and plenty comedic relief, Get Out will have you laughing, crying and screaming all at once. Pay attention to some genius symbolism inserted by Peele.

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