5 Gifts For The Travel Obsessed

Whether you’re looking for the person in your life about to set foot abroad or sending this gift a great distance, shopping for a traveller can be exhausting. They’ve seen the world, shopped at markets abound and if they’re savvy travel light. Don’t weigh them down with kitschy gifts, think utility instead. Short of buying them a holiday, these 5 gifts are right on the money for the travel obsessed. Only thing missing is the plane ticket.

#1 Up your camera game

Unless they wield a knowledge of DSLR functions and a knack for packing lenses a plenty, quality photos need to be achieved without taking up to much space. That carry on is already full or the rucksack stuffed til bursting point, and then there’s the cost. For the newly minted explorer why not add a little something interesting to their travel photography. It might make you even more jealous come your usual Instagram scroll, as they capture the sights with their new lens clipped on. Fish eye wide lens shots guaranteed to make that new city come alive. For the Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens it’s just $80, a great addition to any travellers kit.

#2 A book filled with all the wonders of the world

No, not an atlas or a Guinness World Record book, promise. Bypass the regular conveyer belt of self help and bestselling paperback, for a unique experience. Atlas Obscura is all about trawling the world for undiscovered wonders and enchanting readers with sights unseen. Inspire them to wander new landscapes and add to their bucket list with a whole host of hidden gems. Addictive reading. An inspired gift under $20? Yes please.

#3 Show off travel photos in a unique way

Short of the endless stream of travel shots rolling in while you’re away, why not let them show them off in a special way? The Projecteo is a wonderful petite pocket size projector perfect for bragging in hostel common rooms or reliving your best memories to break up a Netflix binge. Likely to overwhelm parents upon return because of it’s overwhelming whimsy factor. Projecteo is under $40 too, in case you weren’t convinced already.

#4 A childish travel distraction

Plane travel for the attention scarce can be mind numbing. Short of strolling the aisles on repeat, switching to a less screen intensive activity is a much needed break for a long haul. Given the renaissance of colouring books, made for adults with their mandala and intricate shapes, a whole host of kids activities have grown up too. Whether it’s Dot To Dot’s for their destination or a slick bound sudoku book, or even a sketchpad that logs your scribbles. Let them switch off and avoid the red eyed glare of regular arrivals.

#5 Distill with a difference

When the hotel minibar is not an option, they’ll be thanking you from wherever they are for this gift. A cocktail kit made for travel nips or on air buzz, this is a travellers dream. Pick from your favourite cocktails, Gin and Tonic or an Old Fashioned, it’ll feel like Mad Men took flight. Only $35 for this compact barmen, grab yours here.

Image source: Pinterest. 

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