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5 Gold Coast Artists You Need On Your Playlist

If Amy Shark is a sign of things to come, the Gold Coast is a treasure chest of upcoming talent. Maybe it’s the salt air whisking vocals into an uplifting tizz, or the laid-back lifestyle inspiring many a cracking tune. We’re not sure, what we do know is these artists are deserving of a spot on your playlist. Add to your rotation ASAP.

#1 San Mei

A solo endeavour by Gold Coast native Emily Hamilton, with an indie pop sound that is truly divine. Light synths carve out a beat worthy of tagging along with Emily’s sublime vocals. It feels easy and familiar, like Ladyhawke on a summers day. A tambourine waves in the distance as the melody reverberates around you, it’s infectious from 0:01. San Mei is sure to do her hometown proud.

#2 Athena Joy

Athena Joy is all soulful vocals and perfectly exercised restraint. Each track feels poised, she’s powerful but doesn’t exude anything in haste. In time with the instrumentals, a twinkle of percussion, the cool guitar breezing through, Athena croons effortlessly. Think MS MR with an added haunted element.

#3 Noella Nix

Unashamed pop songstress Noella makes music to groove to, but with an enchanting edge. A mix of electronic touches intertwined with her lofty vocals, it’s catchy as can be. With a new release on the horizon, we’re all aboard to hear plenty more from this talented woman.

#4 Ella Fence

A layered offering where Ella’s resounding vocals tear through each and every track with prowess. Each offering is a live performance in itself, an orchestral wonder of carefully timed elements. A tone beyond her years that harks back to a time of speakeasies and more modern folk all in one breath. A true aural experience.

#5 Lastlings

Sibling duo Lastlings is all oozy vocals and gliding melodies, not to mention they’re the very definition of irreverent cool. If you weren’t sure they’re on the way up, they opened for RÜFÜS / RÜFÜS DU SOL in Queensland last year. Their subtly will draw you in, with rough touches breaking up the lightness and setting them apart with a sound that glitters. Client Liaison, Vera Blue and a whole host of Triple J heavyweights are fans of their lush sound too, in case you needed another reason.

Image source: San Mei, Noelle Nix, Blank Gold Coast, Ella Fence, Athena Joy.

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