5 Guest Stars We Want To See Mock Trump On Saturday Night Live

We all need a little humour to make sense of politics right now and SNL is doing just that. The comedic skit show has taken it’s political humour to all new heights, with the ongoing cameo of Alec Baldwin. Perpetually dusted in orange dust and blonde wig coiffed to it’s peak, Baldwin has transformed himself into the mirror image of Donald himself. Next came Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, press secretary, another hilarious step in the right direction. But who else is vying for a spot on the Trump administration spoof roster? Well, here you have it folks.

#1 Rosie O’Donnell as Steve Bannon

Arch enemy to the Donald, Rosie O’Donnell has thrown her name in the ring to play Breitbart founder, Steve Bannon. So far on the show he’s only been depicted as the Grim Reaper leading Trump astray, but we expect Rosie’s performance to be even more telling. Not only are the similarities there, to make the depiction all the more realistic, but Trump’s reaction to not only a female but Rosie playing someone in his inner sanctum is likely to trigger nuclear war. And somehow even that seems like a realistic response from the celebrity president.

#2 Christine Baranski as Betsy Devos

You may have heard rumblings from your American mates or social media angst at the appointment of Betsy Devos to education secretary. We won’t get into the nitty gritty of why she’s incompetent and unfit, just know that she is. Chief girl boss from The Good Wife, Christine Baranski has put her hand up to depict the now education official. Her brand of humour is particularly dry and Christine is a passionate democrat, making for excellent viewing no doubt.

#3 Zach Braff as Stephen Miller

Zach is so passionate about taking up the part he tweeted the show runner of Saturday Night Live offering to shave his head. The receding hairline a staple for Trump aid, Stephen Miller. Bringing a twinkle of JD’s classic laughs and the insurmountable fibbing ability of Miller himself, this depiction will be epic.

#4 Michael Cera as Jared Kushner

Uncanny resemblance right? It’s all in the brown eyes for this one. We can see the king of awkward taking on the son in law role with ease. Poised on the outside and crumbling on the inside, just how we imagine Ivanka’s husband.

#5 Margot Robbie as Ivanka Trump

She’s done it once before and we want more. When Margot hosted SNL earlier in the season she took on the role of Ivanka with a wind machine in tow. All Barbie aesthetic and a just as plastic demeanour, Margot nailed it.

Image source: Huffington Post, CNN, Mic, Hollywood Reporter. 

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