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5 High-Key Risks To Consider When You’re Having Sex With A Friend

If you’re single and you feel like getting some, it’s pretty damn easy to turn to having sex with a friend. There’s no need to suss out whether they have negative personality traits, as either they don’t, in your eyes, or they’re something you can look past. It’s sex without (and with, if you know what you’re doing) the leg work, right?

You might even know someone that’s already been there so you’ve heard some warning signs. You even might be comfortable enough with them to give them guidelines as to what you specifically like. But it’s not always as smooth sailing as it appears to be… So consider these risks before you let your libido run wild.


#1 It Can Be Hard To Determine How To Interact After

If it doesn’t come naturally, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how you guys spoke before you slept together. You don’t want to say something too flirty as to give off the impression that the sex meant something to you. But also saying nothing might give off that same impression. A good middle ground needs to be found.


#2 One Wants It To Happen Again, But The Other Doesn’t

The sex may have been mind-blowing for one party. But completely mind-numbing for the other. Being thirsty to someone is already risky as it allows for rejection and nobody likes being rejected. If it’s possible to suss out how the other person felt about the sex, if you’re considering going there again, then I strongly suggest subtly doing that. It could otherwise take a toll on the ol’ self esteem.


#3 Someone Might Catch Feelings

This one’s obvious, thanks to various movies about casual sex. Because you are already so familiar with the other person, it can be very easy to catch feelings for them. Especially if the sex was good. This wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world unless you were to fall in love with the other person. If the other person doesn’t reciprocate genuine feelings, then it’s just time to move on.


#4 Someone Is Always Someone’s Ex

Slight measures would have to be taken so that no third party gets hurt if you guys do sleep together. Especially if there are a ton of mutual friends within the relationship. Obviously no one is anyone’s ‘property’ as to get permission to sleep with them as such, but if you can prevent deeply upsetting someone then why not?


#5 A Kiss Is Likely To Determine Whether To Keep Going On

If they’re bad at kissing, I can’t imagine them being good at much else. If the kissing is bad, there are a plenty of ways to stop anything else from occurring. Kissing is the easiest place to stop. But if the kissing is good, well, good luck to you…

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