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5 Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Uni Degree

Let’s be real, after completing 14 years at school, the idea of going back to full time study can be daunting. For many, it’s the last educational adventure you want to embark on. Instead you might be striving to hit the work force all guns blazing. Maybe you’ve even hit your study midway and are having doubts about your career path. Well, do I have some good news for you. Not all high earning jobs require a four-year university degree and post grad. Instead, you could be raking in the big bucks in a job you love, that also allows you room to grow and learn. So if neuroscientist or economist isn’t on the career agenda, here’s a list of jobs you can take a pick from.

#1 Construction Manager

With their eyes in the sky, their job is to know everyone and everything on the project site. This job is challenging, yet highly rewarding, with duties including, reviewing blueprints with architects and liaising with contractors. If you’re a born leader this is most definitely the job for you, as expceptional leadership is a must when you’re on site deligating tasks for the day ahead. It’s also highly rewarding, as you get to watch a project from start to finish, brick by brick. Getting involved in the construction industry will be your segway into such a role. Plus, a sneaky diploma under your belt can also make a world of difference.

Average Salary: 90 – 200k

#2 Manager

Unsurprisingly management is where the big bucks are. The higher up you go and the bigger your team, the fatter your pay cheque. This applies across most industries including; IT, finiance and mining. While it can take some time to work your way up to the senior roles, expceptional management skills aren’t taught at university. Start of in administration, gain some skills, network and watch the job prospects flourish. The best managers aren’t the ones with the most prestigious degrees, but the ones with incredible leadership and unparalled industry knwoeldge.

Average Salary: 60 – 300k

#3 ICT Professional

If you a computer wiz and want to put your extraordinary skills to work, ICT is the profession for you. Like a lot of technical careers, the field is about your ability to learn on the job, rather than the amount of degrees you have. Once you get some experience and a couple of industry certifications you’ll be on your way to big earnings. Thanks to continuous technological advancements this is also a pretty smart industry to get into, as there is an abundance of jobs in the area.

Average Salary: 50 – 350k

#4 Fitness Manager

If you’re all about the #fitlife then this is definitely the job for you. A career in fitness will allow you to channel your passion directly into your career, and even better you’ll be earning the big bucks along the way. Sitting yourself at the thrown of a fitness centre or gym will place you in charge or all staff and customers, so you’re gonna need to be organised, personable and approachable. You will need to earn some fitness related certificates along the way, but they are no where near as gruesome as a university degree.

Average Salary: 70 – 80k

#5 Entrepreneur

This one falls under the high-risk category and it definitely doesn’t guarantee you a job. But if you posses talent, courage and luck you’re set to make a hell of a lot of money. The future is start ups and entrepreneurs play an extremely important part of our economy. If you have a good head for business and great communication skills, plus a decent network, you could be on the road to building an empire. Before taking the plunge into this career, formulate your business idea and learn from as many ways as possible, whether that be a part time job or even some short courses.

Average Salary: 0 – millions (Bill Gates rakes in approximately 1.5 million US dollars an hour.)

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