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5 Hotels And Resorts We Wish We Could Afford To Stay In

They say that law of attraction is a thing, so here’s hoping that one day we’ll be able to afford to stay in one of these gems if we keep stalking their Instagram’s and visualising ourselves in one of these incredible hotels and resorts. Not that the regular term ‘hostel and resort’ quite does these venues justice. Think of them more as ‘experiences,’ guaranteed to be life changing. But then again, with the price tag they come with, you’d expect no less than life changing, unforgettable at a minimum.

# 1 Borgo Egnazia, Puglia


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Puglia is the lesser known Italian holiday destination, but not for long. Home to Borgo Egnazia, the enormous limestone citadel is a destination in its’ own right. But as the only 5-star hotel in Puglia, private villas start from $3,000 AUD/night. In saying that, villas have impeccable buttery cream and beige interiors, modern-day-castle vibes, and the resort itself is home to the World’s Best Wellness Spa. If that’s not enough, here’s a bit of trivia that the staff are particularly proud of: Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married there back in 2012.

#2 Amangiri, Utah


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Kanye West once tweeted, we need to ‘Amangiri the world.’ For those unfamiliar with this luxury resort, it looks like something out of Star Wars Tatooine. Its’ cement buildings blend in with the surrounding desert, each suite has uninterrupted views of the canyon and the luxurious pool wraps around a massive boulder. It’ll also set you back a cool $3222.70 AUD/night.

#3 Four Seasons ,Bora Bora


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Those famed over-water bungalows are the epitome of goals. Offering the complete Polynesian lagoon experience, Four Seasons Bora Bora comes with glass bottom private pools, snorkelling in the clearest crystal blue water and uninterrupted expansive views of the beach, mountain and lagoon. But that Bora Bora magic will cost you! $4466 AUD/night to be exact.

#4 Royal Mansour, Morocco


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It’s owned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, so they’re not kidding when they call it ‘Royal’ Mansour. And built with no budget, this luxury hotel is more of a palace than your regular hotel. The grounds are adorned with geometric mosaic tiles, decorated with silk carpets and each and every architectural detail has been meticulously designed and constructed by one of 1,500 craftsmen and women who worked of its’ construction. So during high season expect to pay no less than $3485 AUD/night.

#5 North Island, Seychelles


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This resort shot to fame when Price William and Kate Middleton made it their royal honeymoon destination. With only 11 luxury villas on the entire private island, each hidden from each other, you need to ‘request’ to stay at North Island despite the already enormous price tag of $11,297 AUD/night. You pretty much have to ask them to take your money and beg them to give you the privilege.

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