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5 Inconspicuous Flasks For Sneaky Drinking

If there’s one thing Aussies unanimously agree on, it’s drinking. Our blood may as well run red like the grapes of winery filled valleys and our breath never smell like nothing but a fresh brew. Ok – mild exaggeration but you get my poetic point. We’re a nation of tinnie willing, goon bag slushing, shot drinking maniacs and we’re proud of it. So when the drink prices become a little to steep at your weekend (or mid-week) destination become a little too steep, we’ve got just the thing. Here’s the sneakiest contraptions to hide your bev for your next festival or outing, thank us later. No mid strength for you.

#1 Bev Cam

Although the digital camera in this incarnation is certainly on it’s way to being obsolete, revel in it while you still can. Instead of capturing happy memories like your everyday electrical version, this winner will bring your memories to life with a little lubrication of your choice. Tuck it away in your bag or fashion it to your person with a stylish wrist strap for convenience. You can get truly snap happy here.

#2 iFlask

Perhaps a moment of sheer brilliance, this flask is the ultimate in stealth. The only time you’ll run into trouble is if a particularly wise security guard queries why you have two phones. But other than that it’s the real MVP in hidden bevs. Say yes to an apple a day if it’s this well packaged – you can get your very own slice of the action here.

#3 Pocket Shot

Perfectly packaged little morsels of your favourite spirits, with just the right amount of flexibility. They’ll withstand your average pat down and make for the perfect in underwear contraband. Or the sole of your shoes if you’re clean. Stock up on yours here.

#4 Wine Rack

The water bra gets a vino makeover. What it lacks in style in makes up for in spades with drinking utility. Just make sure it’s not too noticeable as you deflate throughout the day. Extra lift in every sense, you can order one here.

#5 Fake Tampons

The ultimate in no questions asked hidden booze, the fake tampon. No security guard with bat an eyelid at this one just make sure not to pour it up in public – you’re bound to get a side eye or three. Keen to not raise a single suspicion? This is your safest bet, buy them here.

Image source: iFlask. 

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