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5 Killer Savings You’ll Only Get When You’re A Student

Being a student has some sweet perks. You know like sneaky drinks between class, getting to live with your mates (if you can afford it), and cheeky savings here and there across life. But while you have access to these sweet perks, there’s also some expenses that come with them. Think excess coffee consumption, general living expenses, and suddenly a need for stress release (AKA online shopping for dayyssss).

As a student, you learn to be pretty savvy with your spending, whether that be eating only baked beans on toast for a week straight or trying not to gag while you drink goon at house parties (please try to keep the latter to a minimum). So generally, us students are pretty damn good at saving our pennies where we can.

But if you’re at your wits end with said goon and toast, the good news is there are other ways to piggy bank your cash. Think cheeky student discounts on travel, hotels, and even Maccas for that post night-out feed. So we’ve teamed up with ISIC to clue you in on some of the great perks you’re entitled to as a student.

 #1 Cheaper Travel (Both Here And O’Seas)

If you’re lucky enough, students get some sweet discounts on public transport (also known as the secret cash killer). Think half price train fares, bus trips and even free shuttle buses if you’re in serious luck. Being a student in this respect is pretty damn sweet, seeing as you can go almost anywhere on a train these days (even if they barely ever run on time). And you’d be surprised at the amount of overseas ca$h money savings you can make, with brands like STA Travel constantly offering ridiculous discounts you probs didn’t even know existed.

#2 Student Savings Accounts 

I’m not talking about Dollarmites savings accounts here (even though we’ve all been there). I’m talking some serious savings for doing pretty much nothing. Almost every bank offers students savings accounts, which means higher interest rates. Which, in turn, means you’ll be earning more on your savings without lifting a single finger, happy days! Set it up while you’re at uni, deposit a little bit of your paycheck here and there, and voila! The bank will legit give you free $$.

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#3 Freebies

If your uni is half decent, chances are you’ll land some sweet freebies. Yes, you’ll probably come across the standard free condoms  here and there (pls be responsible). But if you’re really lucky, you’ll sometimes even score free food, portable chargers, heck, even event tickets and festival discounts. The thing is, students are a damn huge demographic and as millennials we LOVE free shit. So use this in-demand period wisely and claim as much as you can, go and get involved with free $50 JB Hi-Fi vouchers here, legit couldn’t be easier.

#4 Centrelink

Thank god for the Government (not really, because it’s a damn mess at the moment). But thank god for Centrelink payments and youth allowance. I know it might seem like applying for Centrelink money is a cheap thing to do, but why turn down free $$ if it’s there waiting for you. Youth allowance means some sweet cash for those cheeky drinks study essentials, and you can read up on your eligibility here.

#5 Bulk Billing

If you’re smart, you’ll do some research to find a good General Practitioner that’ll bulk bill. Meaning no Doctor’s fees for when you go get that doctor’s certificate from calling sick for work, and definitely not being blind hungover on a Thursday morning. Even better, when your health needs a check, some businesses (including dentists, and massage clinics) offer discounts to keep things affordable.

Are you a poor uni student? Aren’t we all. Saving ca$h can be a struggle, so if you’re keen to not be completely broke, go and sign up with the legends at ISIC! They’ll hook you up with the best student discounts around Australia + the world, and it’s available to any domestic or international student in Oz. From food, to travel, fashion and experiences, stop reading this and start getting amongst it. Check ’em out here and start spending less of that minimal money.

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