Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Just A Bunnings Voucher

That’s right, we are nearly three quarters of the way through this year, and for those have you that have forgotten, we are here to remind you that Father’s Day is coming right up this Sunday. Now if this day of celebrating your old man crept up faster than you had time to buy a gift, don’t fear friends. Forget running out to K-Mart and buying him a cheap card and a pack of socks. We’ve gone out and found a handful of solid gifts that are sure to impress dad, for every time of old fella’ (or even yourself, if you feel like a cheeky treat!)

The Sommelier

ManFlower Co | $40 – $125 | Buy Here

Easy enough to buy Mum flowers come Mother’s Day, but what on earth can you get Dad delivered to his door at short notice? ManFlower Co provides the best solution to you for this Sunday. Head to their website and you can get a pack of craft beer plus loads of awesome extra’s delivered right up until Friday (just double check the delivery times for where you live.) If your Old Man loves nothing more than a tasty brew, this is the perfect gift to get you in the good books. By the way, they’re including a free bottle opener, card and customisable voucher on every purchase before 31st August, so it’s literally stress free.

The Stylish Dad

MJ Bale Shirt and Tie Combo | From $142 | Buy Here

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If you’re looking for a sweet deal for your suave Old Man, MJ Bale are doing a shirt and tie combo with 25% off right nowww. With heaps of timeless classics and statement pieces, there’s something for everyone so you literally cannot go wrong. Make sure you grab them matching though.

The Tech Savvy Dad

Google Home Max | $549 | Buy Here

Your grand plan to spoil Father’s Day is about to topple. He’s quite the tech savvy fellow and you and your siblings were planning on chipping in to purchase him the electronics of his dreams. The Google Home Max has the best new technology and features with a slick design that he will no doubt be gloating to his mates about next time they’re round. Not just an awesome speaker, this thing is basically Google on command! (Let’s be honest the non-tech-savvy dad’s will probably freak out even more when the thing responds to him).

The Adventurer

P&O Cruise ‘A Taste Of Tasmania’ | From $599 | Buy Here

If you’re looking to be the favourite child or children for the rest of your life, look no further. This sweet cruise which can range from five to eights nights will definitely allow him the time to put his feet up and relax. Tasmania is one of the best places to visit in Australia, and is a must do if he hasn’t done so before. Make sure to link him our Tasmania Travel Guide before he sets off on his big adventure. And maybe consider splitting the cost with the sib’s if your pocket’s running a little empty.

The Coffee Lover

KeepCup | $14 – $36 | Buy Here

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If you’re looking to buy a useful gift, this one’s for you. It’s your time to move him into the 21st Century and get him fighting against the war on waste! At a small price, your coffee addicted Dad can ditch those shop coffee cups and carry a classy KeepCup around the office. You can customise the colours too to make it super personal. Brownie points for days.

The Camping King

Gasmate Smoker | $99 | Buy Here

For the ultimate Dad gift, the Gasmate Smoker. At under $100, this is an absolute steal and might even benefit you too. Summer barbie’s will raise their usual standard this year for sure. It’s also portable so easy to take on those upcoming camping trips. Why not pair it with this camping hammock from ENO so he can have a few much needed zzz’s while the food’s cooking (and hopefully he doesn’t Russel-Coight burn down the whole campsite).

The Forgetful Dad

Tile Mate | From $20 | Buy Here

Is your Old Man getting.. well, old? Tile Mate is the gift for him. With a range of ‘mates’ to attach to his phone, keys, wallet and bags, he is (almost) guaranteed to never lose them again. He can just use the phone app to see where his stuff is at. Now all you need to find is something to stop him losing his glasses..

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