5 Local Eats In Wagga For Your Morning After Feed

Locals, passersby, students or travellers, Wagga Wagga is more than just it’s whimsical name. It’s five hours out from Sydney and under three for Canberrans, but the drive is worth every paddock you pass or endless road you roam. Thanks to a the thriving raging student community, a night out in Wagga in term is sure to be a blinder; any day of the week. Visiting a friend who’s studying out west? Don’t be turned off venturing into town, after a night at The Vic you’ll be needing a tasty meal to soften the hangover blow. Here’s five worthy options for your

#1 Thirsty Crow Brewery

Hair of the dog? Pour yourself a pint and settle in. Ok depending on your stamina, the beer is not essential, the food will settle even the queasiest of stomachs. Dive into their bacon and egg roll or their smashed avo with a slither of haloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes and a poached egg for good measure. You’ll be feeling fighting fit and ready to take on another bev in no time.

#2 The Pot N Kettle Coffee House

Feel like a bit of this and a bit of that? The Pot N Kettle let’s you build your breakfast from the eggs up. The Mini Kettle Brekkie let’s the pickiest eaters select and the more adventurous try wild new combos. Take your choice of cured meats, avo, roasted sides and greens to accompany your breakfast. For the mightier of eaters, the big breakfast is truly epic too. After a meal here and a post feed nap, you’ll be hangover free.

#3 The Borough

If it’s comfort food  you seek, The Borough will serve you a meal to fill that void. Burgers, schnittys, the works, their menu is written with your headache and empty belly in mind. Back open after a short hiatus, expect new burger combos, wings

#4 Trail St Coffee Shop

A favourite stop for those with pedal power, you don’t have to be an athlete to dine here. Sit down for the heart warming Spanish eggs or if you’re feeling more adventurous the house sardines on toast is surprisingly delish. You can eat here with comfort, knowing the coffee is superb and the food will mend your sore head one bite at a time.

#5 Ray Ray’s Diner

Sweet tooths and cheapskates rejoice! Ray Ray’s Diner is an affordable option for those who like to truly treat themselves like no tomorrow, post a big night. Dive into a stack served with your choice of sweets, lemon and sugar, nutella and chocolate sauce or classic maple syrup with an ooze of butter. There’s savoury options too, all for prices that will make you gleam with happiness as the bill reaches your table. Perfect for those of you who bought one too many rounds last night.

Image source: Zomato, Inside The Riverina, Trip Advisor, The Borough. 

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