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5 Melbourne Based Bands You Need To Start Streaming

Melbourne is renown for its arts, culture and of course booming music scene. With new artists emerging from their garage everyday, it can often be hard to sift through and find the stand outs that you want to stream on Soundcloud. Well thankfully the hard hours of searching for a new sound to add to your morning playlist have been done for you. Here are five Melbourne based bands that you need to know, and that you need to start streaming ASAP.

Smoke Rings

Paying homage to 90s Brit Pop, Smoke Rings music is strengthened by their talent for writing incredibly constructed melodies. Their debut EP made soundwaves last year, earing praise from triple j’s Richard Kingsmill and Dom Alessio. They are creating a strong national profile and their new single ‘Happiness’ is set to elevate the bands love. The new single sings new sounds but still retains their signature melancholy.

Swim Season

Born from the ashes of previous group, We The People, and stringing together a few solo projects, Swim Season, have garnered incredible attention. Their tunes are catchy and their shows are of impressive high energy. The band have this talent and ability to deliver such emotions through beautiful instrumentals. Their latest track ‘Collide’ harnesses this, while hosting incredibly nostalgic vocals.


They might be relatively new on the block, but these guys have a really interesting story behind their music. Frontman, Adnan Kadric fled Bosnia with his family in the early 90s and found refuge in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Naturally he fell in love with Australian music. The wholesome sounds of Backyard stem from this love of country. Their new track ‘Reality Television’ is all about the lazy Sunday vibes.

Sophisticated Dingo

Another duo for the list, Sophisticated Dingo, have escaped the captivity of suburbia and are taking their garage rock to the main stage. The release of their latest single ‘Head Talk’ is a culmination of the duos tireless effort to creatively inject their voices to an impressive mix of frenetic strumming and crashing percussion. The video to the track is also filled with a humour that gives these boys an extra edge.

IV League

They were the winners of the Laneway 2017 comp, and now this Melbourne based band are fast tracked to be kicking big musical goals. The four piece combine their love for alternative rock and progressive pop to create a style that is refreshingly their own. Their most recent track ‘Change My Mind’ harnesses angsty vocals and catchy guitar riffs, a guaranteed track for repeat.

Image Source: IV League Facebook.

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