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5 Mentoring Programs To Up Your Career Game

Reconciling your ambition with reality can be tricky in the first few years of your career. Stumbling up the corporate ladder, fretting over any mistake and gunning for that CEO position as soon as you walk in the door. At least in your first few days, then you realise just how inexperienced you are. Very, that is.

Mustering motivation in a seemingly menial role can be difficult, but with a little structure and outside help you’ll get a little more perspective. Mentoring fosters that drive to succeed and offers insight into careers you couldn’t have even fathomed. If you’re looking to up your career game, these mentor programs are just the ticket to that corner office. Well at least the cubicle away from the bathroom.

#1 Ruby Connection

Westpac run, this online community brings women together in a space to collaborate, learn and be inspired. You can share your own events and discover a girl boss or two, but the connections are an open window to success. A scroll through member events, services and mentoring opportunities are abundant,   you will be welcomed with open arms into this bear hug of supportive women.

#2 Out For Australia


Working with members of the LGBTIQ community to assist in their first steps up the career ladder, Out For Australia is that helping hand along the way. Setting up mentoring relationships across the country that focus on navigating the workforce as a professional and as a LGBTIQ person. The value of a more established perspective cannot be underestimated; and this one year program is tailored to the unique experience of those out and proud. With a host of big brands ready to take you under their wing, recent grads best apply swiftly.

#3 Young Professional Women’s Association

A place for young professional women to network, learn and be inspired by those around them. YPWA is a family affair. A nine month program structured to give both participants the very best value, one on one coaching, group sessions and ongoing over the phone support. With networking events a plenty, even if you don’t make the cut for the 12 coveted menthe spots. There’s still a wonderful collaborative space to be a part of.

#4 Startup Accelerator or Incubator

If you’re more entrepenurially minded, perhaps an accelerator is more your speed. Whipping your business idea into hyperdrive, with an initial investment you can take your idea to market in no time. Not only will you be given the opportunity for your business, the contacts you’ll make in these energised spaces are even more lucrative. Griffin a great Canberra option, Spark for the Melbourne based, and Pollenizer for Sydney.

#5 Industry Specific Mentoring

Mentoring is best when tailored, what better way to get unique advice specific to your goals. Industry mentoring is available in almost every sector, if you know where to look. Look first to your industry alliance and then to the state organisations. If science or STEM work is your bag head to ATSE. Travel professionals can engage through TIME, property pros jump into the Property Council offering. Or for the legal minded straight to your state law society.

Image source: Startup Daily, Agent Media, Out For Australia, Westpac, Deakin University.

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