5 Movie Soundtracks Better Than The Film

So much more than just background music, a quality soundtrack can amplify a good plot twist to one of mind-boggling substance. Evading cliches and working with music to really set the tone or define a character. Sometimes when the music is great the plot fails. Or maybe the music is just too good it overshadows that relationship turmoil projected on screen. No matter, don’t throw out your ticket stub with disdain, at least you have the sounds of the story to comfort you. Here’s 5 movie soundtracks so good, they’re better than the film.

#1 Guardians of The Galaxy

By no means is this a bad movie, on the contrary it’s superb. And on the eve of the trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2, what better time to celebrate just how wonderful. From the moment Star-Lord slips on his headphones, every moment of impending doom and the final scene – the soundtrack uplifts every moment. A stockpile of classics, Jackson 5, Bowie and Marvin Gaye all garner a spot for good reason. Let’s just hope the second movie lives up to the first.

#2 500 Days of Summer

A tortured story of everyone’s dream girl Zooey Deschanel and loveably goofy Joseph-Gordon Levitt, the movie itself is a little slow. Carrying a narrative over 500 days is never easy, but what this movie lacks in captivating narrative it makes up for in spades with the music. An indie love story is never complete without the hipster tones of Regina Spektor, Hall & Oates and Zoey herself via her duo She & Him. The music is enchanting.

#3 The Last Kiss

Zach Braff’s turn on a rom com outside his usual Scrubs format was less than engaging. Sure with Rachel Bilson as the hot young thing a lot of people tuned in. But you’re more likely to find this movie on an endless pay tv loop than winning any awards. It’s saving grace is the delightful soundtrack, think Greys Anatomy esque. Not too cheesy, not too inaccessible. Snow Patrol is good for the soul.

#4 Suicide Squad

We really wanted this one to workout. Ever since Marvel captivated the world with it’s special brand of humour and extra-terrestrial super powers, DC has scuttled to keep up. Where Suicide Squad fails in creating characters or stringing together a cohesive storyline, it offers an exquisite soundtrack instead. That Queen cover, Heathens and the smooth sounds of Kehlani in her ode to gangsta. Not even a whole lot of Margot Robbie could save this one.

#5 Above The Rim

Released in 1994 this hood film fails to build a story beyond stereotypes, but the cast is stellar. Tupac, Bernie Mac and Wayan brother, what they lack in acting chops they make up for in presence. Telling a coming of age story where  the young protagonist is led to a future of basketball or drug dealing conflictingly. The whole soundtrack wasn’t even released on the disc, with a handful of other singles released as sides later. A smorgasbord of Snoop Dogg, 2Pac and a whole host of upcoming talent.

Image source: Collider.

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