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5 Movies About Travelling To Inspire You

Has that desire to wander overcome you? Well whether you’re itching to get abroad or twiddling your time away before your next trip, this will tide you over. Here’s your guide to 5 movies about travelling to inspire your adventures. Warning: these films are likely to induce sporadic trips and spontaneous excursions.

#1 The Motorcycle Diaries

A coming of age film meets historical tale, the Motorcycle Diaries will have you ready to traverse the countryside on two wheels with gusto. About Ernesto Guevera, but you may know his as iconic guerrilla activist Che Guevara. Maybe it’s the Spanish, maybe it’s the scenery or perhaps an entanglement of the two. This film will have you ready to start your own revolution and feed that desire to travel.

#2 Before Sunrise

A film that documents Ethan Hawke’s character falling in love with a foreigner abroad. The minimalist plot serves to let you get to know the characters and feel like you’re wandering the streets of Vienna along with them. We don’t want to give away too much but there is two more films.

#3 Lost in Translation

Bill Murray in Tokyo. Already a ride worth taking, but Sofia Coppola’s take on culture shock, a relationship with an age difference and fame is astounding. You’ll be eager to take to the streets of Shinjuku and see the lights of Shibuya all for your self. Hopefully you find your own Scarlet Johansen too. Wouldn’t that be nice.

#4 Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson films are all vivid colour and neurotic storylines. The Darjeeling Limited is no different. Showcasing the eclectic culture of India, you’ll be dying to immerse yourself and catch you’re own Darjeeling Limited. It’s okay if you find it hard to keep up with, it’s designed that way. It always helps when there is a stellar cast too.

#5 Midnight in Paris

Set in Paris as the name suggests, this film will make you desperate to be charmed by the city itself. It’s all about an American screenwriter falling in love with the city after midnight, and all the magic that goes down. Be enchanted, it’s enough to have you booking a trip.

Image source: Michael Sheen UK. 

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