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5 Music Apps To Up Your Playlist Game

We hope you have extra space on your phone because the following music apps are prime companions for staying in the know.  Lift up your headphones to your ears and dive on in. Whether it’s where to find the latest tunes or seek out who’s playing in your area, these apps are bound to make life a hell of a easier. And aurally amazing too.

#1 Soundcloud

Whether you’re a fledgling musician or a passionate music lover, Soundcloud will always remain the go to source to have your music heard and to sample upcoming talent. Entering its tenth year, Soundcloud have developed a buzzing community that have formed for their love of music (and maybe making some dollar bills, I’m not that naive). Regardless, if you want to find the next big thing, chances are Soundcloud are housing their demos. We all know a Soundcloud rapper right? We’ll luckily the talent pool runs a little deeper.

#2 Vevo

Traditional video channels are on death row and so would music videos if not for platforms like Vevo. Having the ability to stream crisp videos is great, but having the ability to create playlists of videos from some of music’s greatest is even better. Next time you’re considering what to play during a party, why not go down the audio-visual path and create a truly unique experience?

#3 Moshcam

It is literally impossible to be in more than one place at a single time and that is a hard reality to face when there are so many great gigs happening in your area and beyond. Why does Australia have to be so far away we ask? Thankfully, Moshcam have a diverse range of live concerts that you can access without any pesky fees. Everything from the beloved Smith Street Band to pop icon Sia, if you missed the gig don’t worry, Moshcam will hook you up.

#4 Music Maker Jam

Here is one for anyone who wants to have a crack at making their own tunes. With a variety of samples and pre-existing loops, Music Maker Jam already has a strong community of creators who can share, colab and learn from one another’s creativity. If you’re vocally talented, you can even upload/record your own vocals over the tracks you’ve developed. Get on it superstar.

# 5 Bandsintown

Nothing is more nefarious than following your favorite artists on all their different social pages, in the hopes they announce a tour through one of them. That is why it’s such a relief to have a single app that’ll track artists for you and let you know when they’re coming round to your city. Even better, once you’ve synced up your music, the app will give you a few recommendations, opening you up to a new world of artists.

Now that you’re decked out, be prepared to be the go to source for the latest in music. Fancy yourself a Triple J presenter in the making? Wave that tune rag in one hand and your app loaded mobile in the other.

Image source: SoundCloud Blog, Downloading, 148 Apps, Tobaex Rhythm And Bass, Gum 7 Apps, Faster Louder. 

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