5 Must Eats At The Melbourne Noodle Markets

Rolling into town and filling your belly with a world of tastes, the Night Noodle Markets are back. Melbourne you lucky thing. Whether it’s food hybrids or traditional fare you will be satisfied. Stationed at Birrarung Marr for another year, it’s best you eat as much as possible while you’re there. Lanterns line the sky and china doll cats wave you in, oh and Pimm’s will be flowing. So if you’re not sure what to eat, don’t wast time being overwhelmed. Here’s the hit list. Get down from the 10-27th November and gorge yourself.

#1 Panko Prawn Taco – Mr Miyagi

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Everyone’s favourite Japanese is bringing it’s fine food to the Night Noodle Markets. Nori taco is shaped to hold a filling of panko crusted prawn, sushi rice, wasabi peas and a lashing of wasabi mayo. If that’s not going to set you off on a good foot for the night, I don’t know what will.

#2 Pineapple Fried Rice – Eat The Chicken

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Fried rice with a twist, in this serving you’ll find yourself digging out of an actual pineapple. Tropical flavours fuse with thai aromatics, it’s a flavour journey of sorts. A sweet and savoury pairing worth devouring.

#3 Banhmi Sliders – Nem N’Nem Food Truck

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When you’re trying to taste each of the stalls in haste and guaranteed you won’t find a seat, the handheld portions are a miracle. Enter the banhmi sliders. A delicious little morsel with bursts of face-slapping flavour. We advise you hold on to more than one, for long line snacks of course.

#4 Watermelon Cake Smash Gelato – Black Star Pastry x N2 Gelato 

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The famous watermelon cake gets deconstructed in true Melbourne fashion. With a little help from N2 you’ll be able to taste every layer in each scoop. A gateau of stardom, strawberry, pistachio, and watermelon will come alive in the gelato. Too good to pass up.

#5 Korean Chilli Cheese Fries + Korean BBQ Taco – POKLOL

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A late addition to the lineup, but a stellar one none the less. If Korean BBQ met American BBQ this would be the result. Korean chilli cheese fries covered in scorched Korean beef. What more do you want? Well that’s just the side. Tuck into their BBQ Tacos too, a balance of cooling cucumber, seared beef and vivid spice, all in a perfect little taco package.

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