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5 Must Eats At Canberra’s Noodle Markets

Taking over Parliamentary Square with a vivid display of lights and an eclectic serve of tastes, the Enlighten Noodle Markets are coming to Canberra once again. The annual celebration of succulent fare is back, a ritual for noodle lovers and the Asian food obsessed alike. Coming to town from 3rd- 12th March, that’s how long you’ll have to work your way around every stall and munch on it all, seriously. Forget the groceries and eat like snacking kings in celebration. Well look, if you don’t have that much time on your hands, here’s the 5 tastiest options on offer. Joining creative forces with the Enlighten Festival yet again, you’ll get dinner and a show. Chow time!

#1 Vietnamese Vermicelli With Pork at What The Pho

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If it’s truly noodles you crave, make What The Pho your first stop. Their Vietnamese vermicelli is loaded with flavour and extras. Grilled pork layered on top, a spring roll to dunk and veggies abound. Like your pho? Take your tastebuds to new heights with each slurp.

#2 Chi Chi Fries at POKLOL

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Fusion is the name of the noodle markets game and these fries are no exception. A celebration of Korean flavour, pick your meat whether it’s bulgogi or a chilli spiced slice, then watch them pour it on over super crunchy fries battered to perfection. It’s the perfect mix of that ever elusive crunch and a slather of meat and sauce to soak up with your potato crisps. This one’s messy but oh so worth it.

#3 Great Balls of Fryer at Gelato Messina

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When Messina comes to The Can, the lines are immense. Their latest offering will surely be no exception, a heap of banana gelato with a little spice meets a crunchy coating ready to be deep fried. But that’s not all, layer your spoon with the mango pudding and passionfruit pulped caramel sauce. So many elements, not enough scoops.

#4 Pork Belly Popcorn at Kusina

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Ok so the technical name is Lechon Kawali, a Filipino delicacy, but really it’s just wonderful morsels of pork belly ready to pop into your gob with glee. It’s served up with a sweet bread sauce, adding extra flavour to the crispy tender hybrid. So delicious you won’t be able to share.

#5 Beef Donburi at Donburi Station

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Forget sushi, Japanese cuisine has so much more to offer. Dive into a delicious serving of donburi from the masters at Donburi Station. Marinated beef or chicken,  it’s your choice, served on top of Japanese rice. A hearty eat your sure to want to replicate at home. Only experts should attempt to navigate this one with chopsticks, you’ve been warned.

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