5 Must Eats At Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets This Year

Yes, that’s right kids; it’s that time of year again. Good Food Month officially launches tomorrow night, and the start of the festival means the opening of the annual Night Noodle Markets. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, the Night Noodle Markets are a series of stalls featuring the best Asian cuisine in Sydney, as well as some cheeky desserts and cocktail bars. It take’s place in Hyde Park and of course provides the best in live music, DJs and LED dancing dragons. The Night Noodle Markets can be overwhelming, so if you only have time to make it for one night over the next few weeks, we’ve picked out the best eats that you have to try. Warning: there will be lines, but they will be worth it.

#1 Let’s Do Yum Cha – Black BBQ Pork Bun

They have been a regular at the Night Noodle Markets, and often a fan favourite, because who doesn’t love Yum Cha. The best thing about Rowan Bates store is the bite sized portioning, meaning everything is easy to eat on the go. Let’s Do Yum Cha stands out as a must eat this year as they are launching two new products on the menu. The first is a Black BBQ Pork Bun, the first to ever reach the shores of Australia. The second is a custard bun, as said by Rowan “food that’s meant to be played with”. It is a classic choice for a tasty and indulgent Asian dessert.

#2 Puffle – Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Cheese Puffle

A risky move putting Puffle on the list, but when you hear what they have to offer, you’ll be salivating. It’s their first year at the Night Noodle Markets, and what sets them apart from all the other stalls is the team is always coming up with completely original unique tasty food, that you won’t find anywhere else. Their signature dish and must eat is the Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Cheese Puffle. Now you’re probably thinking, what exactly is a Puffle. Well it’s a Hong Kong egg waffle stuffed with gooey cheese, and of course it’s served with Korean fried chicken. What more do you want?!

#3 Mr Bao – Crackling Pork Belly Bao-less Sanger

Traditional Taiwanese dishes with a modern fusion of Vietnamese and Japanese. One word to describe it, yum. Mr Bao is notorious for it’s Taiwanese steamed buns with crackling pork, however, this year they’re taking it to a whole new level. They have introduced a Crackling Pork Belly Bao-less Sanger. Yep, it’s a mouthful to say but it’s an absolute killer mouthful to eat. With actual pork belly pieces replacing the infamous taco shaped bao, it will be filled with an oozy egg yolk, a delicious Asian slaw and a spicy homemade Vietnamese dressing. Sure to get the tastebuds going.

#4 May’s Malaysian Hawker – Mee Goreng

Store runner Gavin Ooi is feeling “mesmorised, hypnotised and above all, fully caffeinated for those heady nights ahead under the palm trees and glowing lanterns”. May’s Malaysian Hawker makes the list as a must eat, due to their dedication to preparing some of the best noodle dishes of the market. Last year they served up a wopping 1000kg of noodles to hungry attendees and this year their smoky, saucy, signature Mee Goreng could break new records. Hot from the wok, all the noodle dishes are served as fresh as can be.

#5 House Of Crabs – Loaded Lobster Fries

They’re known for American crab boil but not so known for Asian food “which leaves our food open to interpretation”, said House of Crabs store owner Daniel Corbett. The plan is to leave traditional behind and enter Hyde Park with interesting food that packs massive flavour. A must eat and signature dish of the store is the Loaded Lobster Fries. Not so traditionally Asian, but boy the flavours are. Featuring Singapore soft shell crab po, the fries were such a hit last year, that they are back for another round. You’ll regret not grabbing these for the evening out.

Notable Mentions

Be sure to swing past Gelato Messina and prepare your mouth for some mind blowing new Asian inspired flavours. Swing past Black Star Pastry for an incredible mango cake with sago pudding. Of course freshen up at The Beer The Beautiful Truth Night Terrace, and learn how to pair your beer with different dishes of the market.

Image Sources: Let’s Do Yum Cha, Good Food Month, I’m Still Hungry.

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