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5 Must Read Reddit AMA’s

Reddit users are often portrayed as basement dwelling internet fiends, living off the misery of other users. But that’s hardly the case. An internet forum to survive the wave of social media in favour of a more anonymous experience.

AMAs or Ask Me Anything let Reddit users the globe over pick the brains of extraordinary people, one keystroke at a time. Unique experiences, inventors, creators, hackers and everyday people basking in their 15 minutes of fame, come to this one spot to delve a little deeper. Insightful and honest, these are the must read questionnaires poised by the Internet’s finest brigade of interviewers.

#1 Holocaust Survior

As the last generation of survivors from the Nazi regime reach elderly, one man sought to answer all the burning questions you may have about the horror of it all. He details the awful conditions, the brutality and the unsightly scenes he paid witness to in his internment. One particular near miss rings true, after a six day train ride packed like cattle with thousands of Jewish people, 300 people were pulled off the train to work in another camp. This man was number 298, the train went on to Auschwitz and the others were certainly killed. Enlightening and incredibly important to read from a first hand perspective.

#2 Inventor of the World Wide Web

The man who fuelled the digital revolution and changed the world forever, Tim Berners Lee took to the online hub to answer questions. He details his thoughts on data privacy, the ever expansive nature of the web and how it’s use is well beyond his expectations or imaginations. When asked what he was most surprised about the internet being used for, Redditors came alive with explicit suggestion but Tim’s answer was much more simple. Kittens. A great read for any techies or just casual browsers, see where the web really began.

#3 David Attenborough

Everyone’s dream grandad and wildlife hero with the captivating voice, David Attenborough logged onto to answer a mountain of questions. The latest endeavour, diving deep into the Great Barrier Reef and the environmental damage that’s already been done, featured heavily. From global concerns and exploration learnings this man knows a lot when it comes to the natural world. You may just read his answers in his voice too, no shame in that.

#4 Elon Musk

King of the tech world, Elon Musk took to the internet to answer queries from every corner of the web. Space exploration, rocket launches, car test drives and constant innovation make Musk a particularly wonderful interviewee. He talks through his keys to success and his biggest failures too in case you thought he was too smart for his own good. An intelligent read for the inventors at heart.

#5 Leah Remini, ex-Scientologist

Trending at the moment is this former actress’ AMA.  You may not recall her acting work but the answers are riveting. Leah Remini is a former scientologist and she delves into the wild world and economic system of the religion. No holds barred and Tom Cruise even comes up, because of course. A little peek behind the closed door madness of the cult like enterprise.

Image source: Attenborough’s Reef, Attn, The Daily Dot, Quotesagram, Techno Buffalo.

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