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5 Must Stop Stalls At The Perth Night Noodle Markets

The noodle extravaganza that sweeps the nation is taking up resident westside at Lizzy Quay, so prepare yourself for the hungry hordes. If you don’t fancy waiting in line we’ve curated a tasty list of eats so you can peruse the markets with purpose. But if you really lament the art of waiting, then instead of standing at Bao Stop or Hoy Pinoy why not take up Menulog’s At Home Zone offering and jump that queue entirely. Less time in line means more time for perfectly style Insta shots and shovelling your face.  From March 22 to April 2, every evening head on town and dive into the festival of handheld goodness.

#1 Miss Chow’s 

Masters of dumplings but Miss Chow’s tasty talent doesn’t stop there. If the little purse packages are your usual fare, choose from chilli wontons or pan fried dumplings at the markets, a hard choice if ever there was one. But if you’re keen to venture beyond the parcel variety, the peking duck delight is a crepe wrapped dream. Roast duck meets house made hoi sin sauce and is lovingly wrapped for your eating ease. It’s a trip across timezones with each comforting mouthful.

#2 Eat No Evil

Poke fans rejoice, Eat No Evil have brough a little Mezcal style to your favourite healthy bowl. Instead of rice bowls the japanese salmon calls a crunchy tostada home and oh boy is it delicious.  Treat that as your starter, then dive into the rest of their innovative eats, from nori spiced potatoes to pork belly tacos with lashings of kimchi. Many morsels to choose from but we recommend devouring them all.

#3 Gelato Messina

The creamery masters are finally popping up on the west coast and we’re certainly not mad about it. Pick your sugar laden poison, from the punderful Thai Stop Me, a soft serving of cacao nibs and thai milk gelato or dive into Pavin It Large, a zingy lychee meringue smothered in coconut gelato and oozing with yuzu. There’s the Great Balls of Fryer too, if you plan on conquering the whole dessert offering it’s a deep fried ball of banana gelato on a cushion of mango pudding. If you make it through, we salute you.

#4 Bao Stop

Home of the ultimate trifecta, a serving of three bao buns with a mix of fillings to suit even the choosiest of stallgoer. One chicken, one pork and one duck will find it’s way into your hot little hands and most likely onto your snap story too if you know what’s good for you. There’s a tofu option for the vegos out there and a decidedly not vegetarian peking duck fries if you’re feeling ambitious with your appetite. We believe in you.

#5 Hoy Pinoy

Filipino food wafts through the air from the moment you step onto the grounds. If you’re wondering what smells so good, we’re betting its’ the steamy offering at Hoy Pinoy. Famous for their skewers slathered and barbecued before your eyes, their offering doesn’t stop at the stick. Fill your hands with their skewers first, pork and chicken varieties both worth your time, but makes sure to make room for their loaded fries too. Chicken adobo is layered over crispy potato chips for an attention stealing side guaranteed to make you salivate. You’re going to need an eating buddy to tackle this menu.

Study the whole menu for yourself here, it’s serious eating business after all. If you’re wondering which locations are serving up a queue jump courtesy of Menulog it’s all noted there as well.

Image source: Miss Chow’s, Eat No Evil, Gelato Messina, So Frank, Must Do Brisbane, I’m Still Hungry, Study Perth. 

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