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5 Netflix Docos You Need To Watch Now

We no doubt all love a cheek night out (heck maybe you hate them with a passion), but it can be an expensive, weekend crushing, experience. So when cash is minimal, or you just much rather prefer a quiet and insightful night in, documentaries are the only friend you’ll ever need.

They’re sure to get your brain reenergised, but also perfect for a chill evening. Where we once read the atlas to expand our minds, ok well when we were kids at least, now it’s streaming as our educator. It’s time to deep dive into these Netflix docos, they’re all truly a must watch.

#1 Gaga: Five Foot Two

This week marks the premier of Gaga’s brand new doco that reveals a very vulnerable side of the star of the spotlight. The unfiltered style of the documentary will allow audiences to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of Gaga’s day to day life, delving into the world of her personal struggles. Whether you’re a fan of the pop star or not, this premier is sure to encapsulate the struggles and triumphs of being one of the most famous women in the world. #Relatable

#2 The Confession Tapes

If Making A Murderer was your jam then this true crime documentary will be right up your alley. Presenting six cases of possible false confessions leading to murder conviction, the doco presents alternate views of crime. Exploring the ethics, psychology and legitimacy of forced confessions, you won’t be able to pull your eyes away. Critics absolutely rave about this one, and so will you.

#3 Unacknowledged

Entering the depths of Netflix can leave you watching some of the greatest conspiracy documentaries around. Unacknowledged offers audiences evidence of extraterrestrial contact, including top-secret testimonials, documents and never before seen UFO footage. They out there.

#4 Into The Inferno

Follow a maniac volcanist, a scientist that covers the globe walking the edge of volcanoes. The doco explores the relationship between native culture and the eruptions, depicting a world ending fear from local communities. It’s hypnotic to watch and you’ll be burning to see the lava hit the earth as it spews.

#5 13th

A powerful topic uncovered, 13th covers the abolition of slavery, the thirteenth amendment to the constitution, and just how much progress has actually been made. Focusing on mass incarceration, the myth of black criminality and the monetisation of the prison system, this doco will electrify you. Consider it a deep dive into what you see popping up on the news, truly stellar.

Image source: Netflix

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