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5 Netflix Shows That Brought Us Together

We’ve been bonding over our favourite shows since the dawn of TV and of course, this year was no different. If anything, our obsession to get together with others (in person or over internet) and discuss what we’ve seen is only getting stronger. Netflix performed a survey, celebrating another year in the biz and revealed the shows that brought us together the most.

#1 Stranger Things

I mean, c’mon we all knew this would be number one. I’ve literally heard two grown women discussing one of the episodes in detail while shopping, and a group of young boys fighting over fan theories while strolling through the park. If you’re like me and haven’t watched it yet (put down your pitch forks, I’ve been a busy gal) I’ll give you the general gist. It’s set in the 80s where a boy called Will is abducted after various paranormal happenings around the town of Hawkins, as a result of the national laboratory gaining access into a supernatural world (good one, guys). Will’s friends band together and try to find him, with the help of Eleven, a girl who managed to escape from the national laboratory, after being experimented on. I’ve heard nothing but stellar things about this show so definitely recommend jumping on board, you’ll probably make friends in the process.

#2 13 Reasons Why

This series was at the height of discussion after being released in March. Conversations of the intricacies of mental health erupted all over the world, thanks to the confrontational content brought to our screens. Essentially, 13 Reasons Why is about a girl called Hannah who tragically decided to end her life, but not without leaving seven double sided tapes explaining the reasons behind her actions. These tapes were then shared from person to person, and everyone who received the tapes were part of the reason for her ending her life. It’s sad without a doubt, but the overall message about how we treat others is strong and thought provoking.

#3 Riverdale

I’ve heard my friends talk about Riverdale, particularly about how hot Archie Andrews is. I’ve seen complete strangers on the internet talk about Riverdale, again, about how hot Archie Andrews is. Of course, if you look past the smouldering looks and the chiselled jaw line there’s an actual story line to sit back and enjoy. The series has been adapted from the Archie Comics that started way back in the roaring 40s and focuses on a group of high school classmates unravelling the death of one of their own (spooky). Just add dashes of sexual tension between the characters and you’ve got yourself a classic teen drama that you can froth over.

#4 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

A lot of us would’ve read and grown up with the book series, and continued with the movie that followed it, however this series doesn’t seem to lose its presence, even after 18 years. Netflix has now turned it into an adapted TV series and in true human nature, we’ve been brought together to bond over Lemony Snicket’s antics once more. After all, we’re a nostalgic bunch. If you haven’t feasted on the content from either of these mediums (excuse me, why haven’t you?), it’s about three children who were orphaned after they lost their parents in a freak house fire. They’re then placed in the care of their evil uncle, Count Olaf (played by Neil Patrick Harris, bless him) who really want’s the family’s left over fortune. A total ‘oldie but a goodie’, no matter if it’s been revamped.

#5 Star Trek: Discovery

You just can’t go wrong with Star Trek, ever. I personally have a weird attachment to this show, my Dad loved it so much he thought that part of my name should come from the series. It made for an easy ‘fun fact about you’ ice breaker at Uni. It was only natural that this series would bring everyone together; ourselves, our parents, even our grandparents. This franchise isn’t likely to meet its demise any time soon and we’re more than happy to soak up the sci-fi goodness. The Discovery series is set as a prequel to The Original Series (10 years beforehand, to be precise) and the Klingon communities are battling against the Federation of Planets. So, whether you’re a new fan or have been committed for years, you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the show.

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