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5 New Binge Worthy Netflix Shows For A Night In

I don’t know about you, but as I get a bit older, have more insurance premiums to pay than ever before, yet still invest heavily in travel and weekend mischief, nights inside are very attractive.

Minimal cash spent, yet still plenty of entertainment + food, and all without having to get out of my pyjamas? Nah but seriously, where do I sign up? If you’re often like yours truly, or simply have decided against your wild ways for a night or two, we’ve picked out some of new favourite Netflix shows and seasons that’ll take care of your evening plans.

So order some food, get more pillows than you actually need and settle in with these favourites.

#1 Designated Survivor S2 (New Eps Weekly)

DS is quickly becoming one of the best, and most talked about shows across the globe. In case you’re not on the hype train yet, the basic idea is that (insert simple spoiler you will not be shocked to hear) the US President and all of congress is killed in a terror attack, therefore putting the leadership of the country into the hands of low-level political rep – aka the designated survivor. Think 24 x Homeland, and I’m not just saying that because Kiefer Sutherland is the lead (okay, maybe that’s not all true..)

It’s a fast paced series, and you already have all of season one to get started on if you haven’t watched. For those of you who have, we have most of season two as well – with episodes released weekly. A definite must watch that will have you wondering.


#2 Stranger Things S2

Okay look it took a lot of restraint to not put this at the top of the list, but if you haven’t already binged the heck out of it yet – why?! It’s rare for a second season to be on par, or let alone better, than a good first season. But the latter is exactly what S2 of Stranger Things is (big call, I’m aware.)

The narrative hooks are delicious, the cinematography, effects and soundtrack are even bigger and crisper than S1. But for me it’s the character development that really shines. We essentially see Will Byers go from a bit part player in the first instalment, to the lead man in season two – and he, along with the development of familiar faces, brings the show together. Get moving or just watch again let’s be real.

#3 Bonus Family S1

Image result for the bonus family

Now this is a bit of a curve ball, and it’s a show I wasn’t sure I could get around, but boy am I glad I did. Bonus Family is actually a recently acquired Swedish comedy/drama that Netflix got their hands on. Now, the show is completely in Swedish, but don’t let that turn you off (after all you’ve been watching most of Narcos in Spanish subbies for a while now, come on.) The basic premise of the show follows a recent couple, their problems + problems of everyone around them (from their kids to ex’s, other family etc).

The writing is actually so good and the show has a lot of hilarious moments, despite you having to essentially read the dialogue. What I think I love most is the mix of seriousness and realness. You have some lighter episodes with plenty of laughs, some that deal with very real issues we often all face in a relationship + some episodes with a mix of both. The characters are super loveable, and this is a definite gem. So much so, that you might even want to keep it for yourself and not tell your friends.

#4 Sinner (Miniseries)

Sinner is a hotly dropped, absolutely brilliant new series that will have you damn intrigued. The fab Jessica Biel plays a mother who stabs a stranger to death without any real cause. Everyone knows she did it but no one has a clue why, and this series follows a compassionate detective who is trying to figure out the deeper roots of the murder case.

It’s smart, it’s extremely powerful and will have you captivated. What I love best is that the show is also very unpredictable, with plenty of little twists that will make you want to watch multiple episodes back to back. And seriously who doesn’t love a bit of Jessica Biel?


#5 She’s Gotta Have It (Drops Nov 23rd)

The title may seem familiar if you’re a fan of the legendary Spike Lee – yep the man himself is back directing the film that shot him to Hollywood stardom, now via a TV series. For those of you not quite across the details, the plot surrounds a young, black, female protagonist Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise), who is an artist that is making her way through life as a “sex-positive, polyamorous pansexual” (see trailer, not kidding.) Now despite the film being released in the late 80s, the core concept has arguably never been more relevant than now – dating multiple people simultaneously.

In an era of dating apps, casual encounters and increasingly explored sexuality, the series sees Nola date three types of men at the same time (a model, an older man and an immature yet hilarious guy – sound familiar anyone?) Lee’s wife Tonya actually was the driving force behind converting the film to a TV platform, and I sure as hell can’t wait for it to drop in a few weeks.

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