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5 Non-Alcoholic Bevs That’ll Help You Cruise Through Dry July

To anyone sticking out and doing Dry July, congrats, you have basically made it half way through the month alcohol free. For many, the commitment of going alcohol free for a month isn’t easy, with the temptation of after work drinks, catch ups with mates and birthday celebrations constantly thrown in your face. For some, the prospect of trying to make it through until the end of the month is slightly daunting, but no need to fear, we got your back. So whether you’re heading out or ordering in, our mates over at Menulog have helped us collate a bunch of cheeky bevs that you can sip on to help you cruise through the remainder of Dry July.

#1 Virgin Marys

So you’ve found yourself at a brunch with your mates, only to find everyone sipping on Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys, thanks guys. No need to fret, because you can easily trade in that shot of vodka, for well, no vodka. Sip on a Virgin Mary instead, all the flavour, minus the liquor and your head will also be thanking you by dinner time. Head on down to Courtyard Café De Capo and swap out your overpriced Bloody Mary and cash in on five buck Virgin Mary’s.

#2 Brown Sugar Ice Jelly

If you can’t resist a cosy night in with an Old Fashioned resting in your hand, there are ways around that qualm. Swap a BRKLYN Roast Coconut Old Fashioned and hit up the Noodle Kitchen for your Brown Sugar Ice Jelly. You don’t even have to check the old bank for this bad boy, as it comes in at the cost of a regular coffee (four dollars.) That’s a bloody bargain if you ask me.

#3 Lycee Sodas

You’re headed out to pres at some snazzy bar with mates and you’re feeling deprived of the G&Ts that all your pals seem to be sipping down. Swap out and opt for a bougee soda instead. Think a lime or lemon soda, or head to S H I I Z U K U and wrap your lips around their incred Lycee Sodas. If something fruity really isn’t up your alley, try their Oolong Iced Tea or even their Ginger Beer. The best bit, if you aren’t heading out they do home delivery too.

#4 Aloe Vera Hint Of Honey Drink

To say I was gobsmacked that a drink called a Corpse Reviver existed would be an understatement (legit, I had to Google it). But if you’re wanting a good cure for the hangover you don’t have (don’t you feel stellar?) then look no further than the Aloe Vera Hint Of Honey Drink at Niño’s Pizzeria. This essentially replaces the Mr Good Bar Corpse Reviver No. 2, leaving your insides in a better state than before.

#5 Affogato Thickshake

If drinking Espresso Martinis isn’t your fave past time then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Make your way down to Mickey’s Café (or order in) and get yourself an Affogato Thickshake. You’ll be able to sip on it without jealousy or guilt.. which is the best kind of time. Until you can start drinking again, of course (no denying that.)

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