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5 of Hamish and Andy’s Most Quality Pranks

Everyone’s favourite jokesters Hamish and Andy have been winning us over with gags and cheeky pranks since 2003. From radio chatters to Rove mainstays, everyone loves their brand of humour. Especially self-deprecating, wonderfully odd with a little spice of the absolutely mundane.

We have the twosome to thank for some viral vids, awkward hilarity and absolute comedic genius. Relive their all time moments and revel in their laughs. For all of us who wish Hamish and Andy were in our circle of friends, this one is for you.

#1 Inventing ghosting

Before planking, before nek nominate, before viral crazes there was ghosting. Hamish and Andy’s take on swiftly stalking someone as they walk without getting caught, spread through schoolyards and workplaces like straight fire. Challenge accepted.

#2 Finding Australia’s Best Bloke

The most recent on the list, a job reference prank call that revealed Australia’s greatest bloke. Turn for their jokey calls that usually get turned away within the first few moments, this was different. Instead the newly minted legend went along with the joke and found his way into viral stardom. When it comes to reference checks, you want this guy on your list.

#3 Fat racing in suits

Fat suits and racing don’t usually go hand in hand. But trust Hamish and Andy to take it on. An Austin Powers movie come Mexican street race, never have so many chins fit on one screen. Briefcases in hand, full suits (green and gold no less) and a commentary team to boot, we love cheering them both on. A real life tortoise and the hare situation comes to pass when fat Hamish stops for food too.

#4 Put pocketing generously

Baby faced street walkers take on this special form of generosity. Instead of taking something the suave duo attempt to load up stranger pockets with cash, to laughable results. A ponytailed Andy even resorts to sticking a $20 to an unsuspected passerby’s jumper. Goodwill gangsters back at it again.

#5 Having an ideas bonanza

When Kevin 07 took to the people for ideas, Hamish and Andy did one better. They called out to those left out of the 2020 summit for answers. Via vintage outlook email and a hotline, the wisest of Aussie men and women offer up their suggestions to better the country. Such winners as Sporn, a channel that plays sport during the day and you guesses it – pay per view at night. Mr Turnbull, are you listening?

Image source: Pop Sugar.

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