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5 Best Halloween Episodes To Stream Now

Whether you don your finest cat ears or gore it up with gashes, Halloween is certainly making it’s presence felt this year. Formerly a ritual relegated to the US, it seems the spooky fever has caught on. We’ll take any excuse to celebrate really, an open themed dress up where anything goes. Literally anything. For the masters of disguise or the reluctant participators we’ve rounded up 5 of the very best Halloween episodes to get you in the mood. What better way to spend your evening waiting for the handful of door knockers that may cross your path. No tricks just treats here.

#1 Brooklyn Nine Nine “Halloween I,II, III & IV”

The unit’s Halloween escapades have filled four episodes with horrific comedy. This one isn’t so much a needs night lights tale but instead a little humour. Jake, Santiago and the gang go after Holt’s medal of valour – starting the Halloween heist. Off kilter costumes, sassy comedy and a couple of out there choices by Boyle. A Halloween episode that captures the spirit of October 31st perfectly with an extra helping on the goofy side.

#2 Supernatural “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”

An ancient ritual that can occur every 600 years falls into the laps of Sam and Dean go on and try to save the world once again. For a little extra holiday spice the ritual involves pumpkin carving, a coven of witches and a little demon resurrection on the side. Using Celtic myths as inspiration, this Halloween episode is certainly eery.

#3 How I Met Your Mother “Slutty Pumpkin”

The slutty pumpkin, an enigma on How I Met Your Mother. As Ted tirelessly searches for his one and only, across New York city his eye is caught by the orange woman. He laments missing his chance and is sure she’s the one, turns out she isn’t but oh well. At least Ted got to finally meet her. In the name of horribly misappropriating objects as Halloween costumes, this episode is a winner.

#4 Freaks and Geeks “Tricks and Treats”

The show that has had a massive resurgence of late, dealt with Halloween as only it knew how, raucously. Cheeky teenagers hurling pumpkins, an early cast of comedy hooligans terrorising the neighbourhood with their pranks. Oh those meddlesome kids. Catch James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel marry their trademark humour even early on. It’s only 18 eps long so why not binge the whole thing.

#5 American Horror Story “Halloween Part 1 & 2”

Not for the faint hearted, American Horror Story brings everything that goes bump in the night into one house for pure shock value. There will be blood and the motives are mixed. Otherworldly interference, revenge, love, lust or sheer bloodlust; a thrill for the horror fans. The original season is where it all began and they carry off an intense air of fright throughout. Halloween at it’s most horrifying.

Image source: Pop Sugar.

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