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5 Of The Best Joints Every Foodie Needs To Try At Parramatta Lanes

Time to unbutton these pants.

No matter how close or far you live from Parramatta, or how often you go there, everyone knows one thing about the place – Parra’ is where you go to eat. Now Parramatta Lanes is on, combining all the best food, art and music into one sweet spot of actual heaven.

And we’re focusing on the food here, because your gal is hungry over here. Parramatta Lanes is set to have 50 food stalls and 5 bars, with 14 lanes covering pretty much every craving you’ve ever had: be it Indian, South-East Asian, Middle-Eastern or even French cuisine.

Foodies, it’s time to start unbuttoning your pants and get into the food festival vibe. And don’t worry, we’ve done the ground work so you don’t have to. So here are our picks for all the food you have to try at Parramatta Lanes this year.

Koi Dessert Bar


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All that glistens isn’t gold. It can be pink too. | #KOIDessertBar

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Oh yeah, we’re starting with dessert. As you should. KOI Dessert Bar is the best of the best, with every cake looking like a delicious artwork – literally. At Parramatta Lane, they’re going to have a layered cake featuring Nadia Odlum’s artwork Our Intertwining Lives. And tasting like one too. The care that goes into making every cake perfect is incredible, and eating these desserts is honestly a spiritual experience.

The Bearded Bakers


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Knafeh. Attractive bearded men. Need I say more?

(If you’re one of the poor souls who haven’t tried the Palestinian slice of heaven that is Knafeh yet, it’s basically a cheese or semolina based creamy dessert with plenty of rose syrup and pistachos on top.)

Punjabi Fusion


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Did you think I was going to wait that long before mentioning Indian food? No. Indian is everyone’s favourite, and if it’s not your fave then you have no taste. Sorry not sorry. Head on over to the Riverbank site for Parramatta Lanes to see their very own Little India. Punjabi Fusion always hits the mark with its modern Indian food, but there’ll be plenty of other Indian joints to give you all the different types of butter chicken you can dream of.

Don Taco By Ume


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Uh, yes you read that right. Speaking of fusion, this Japanese-Tex Mex fusion joint is going to be serving up all kinds of unique flavours at Parramatta Lanes, and if you’re an adventurous foodie who needs to be across all the trends then you need to hit this place up ASAP.



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Popcorn Chicken Lookin Good Even On The Worst Days?

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God, it must be hard being named after an incredible food truck, that poor movie. Birdman’s fried chicken is some of the best in the game, bringing a Korean twist to all kinds of fan faves – like popcorn chicken, fried chicken burgers and classic wings.

Parramatta Lanes will only be on for a limited time only, so make sure you don’t miss it! Here’s all the other stuff they have on – it’s not just food!

Tuesday 15 October to Thursday 17 October, 5–10pm
Friday 18 October, 5–10.30pm

Image Sources: Birdman Food Truck Facebook

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