5 Worst Live TV Show Screw Ups

There’s no business like show business and nothing more entertaining than a live TV gaffe. But the heat of those stage lights is nothing compared to the incredible sensation of reading out the wrong name. Perhaps the most awkward moment ever to be broadcast, after the initial elation there’s an expected poise from the now loser. When in reality, how would any person handle that situation? By bursting into tears violently, obviously. Relive the most mortifying of wrong winner announcements right here and revel in all their mistaken glory.

#1 Oscars 2017

In the most coveted award category, a slip of the wrong envelope saw contentious film La La Land wrongly awarded the top gong. When really underdog Moonlight had taken the honour. The crew handled it with poise and it’s makes for awfully awkward viewing, but you won’t be able to look away. Let the memes begin.

#2 Australia’s Next Top Model 2010

A moment that will forever be remembered when describing our national history. A show close to all of our hearts (look, not really) Sarah Murdoch’s slip up broke the heart of one teenage girl in favour of another. Accidentally announcing the wrong top model so Murdoch quit the show and immortalise herself  in internet history. Justice for Chelsea.

#3 Miss Universe 2015

The greatest screw up on the grandest of stages, Miss Universe Steve Harvey handed the wrong nation the coveted crown in 2015. It’s since been mocked by Jane Lynch, Jamie Foxx and an army of internet commenters, as it so rightly should. Colombia, imma let you finish but The Phillipines is the real winner.

#4 Miss Canada 2013

Thanks to a typo another mistake of universal proportion went down on a pageant stage. Perhaps the women should worry less about the swimsuit portion and instead fret about host sabotage. Conspiracy theorists have had their input on this one, but it’s Canada so we’ll side with sheer mistake instead.

#5 Big Brother Australia 2004

Ah yes, Big Brother the voyeuristic pleasure of young Aussies everywhere. We still hold Fitzy as a national treasure, but do you recall in 2004 when Bree was wrongly evicted. After the mistake, Bree was welcomed back in and later went on to host Friday Night Games for perhaps a season too long.  A reality tv ploy? Quite possibly. But we got Bree back so who cares.

Image source: Fashion Industry Broadcast, Youtube. 

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